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The Cottonist- Ethical, High Quality, Environmentally Friendly Cotton Products

The Cottonist- Ethical, High Quality, Environmentally Friendly Cotton Products

I have always been intrigued by Turkish towels. I have seen them at boutiques and stores here and there. But I never understood how a towel so thin, could actually be as absorbent as they said they were. Growing up with the mass-produced towels we have here in the US, you tend to attribute fluffiness with a towel’s ability to absorb.

I had the chance to speak with The Cottonist and ask them all about their company, and the process of making these incredible towels.  

Introducing Cottonist

Our company, Cottonist, was founded in 2017 in Toronto. We work closely with a team in Turkey to provide our customers with cute and environmentally friendly products that come in designs that match every style. We started out hoping to make a difference, and now, with our growing brand, we have been able to provide ethical 100% cotton products to our customers. 

Who Are We?

We are a group of environmentally conscious individuals. The products that we make today directly impact our environment tomorrow. This is one reason we decided to make our own environmentally friendly cotton products. We started with a focus on Turkish towels and blankets designed to match the high-quality textiles that we grew up with, but we are also looking forward to introducing new product lines in the near future.

What Sets Us Apart?

At Cottonist, we believe that our focus on sustainability and our high quality cotton material is what sets us apart. We are a group who is committed to making products that people will love while also staying true to our environmental commitments. Our cotton products are ethically sourced, sustainable, and completely renewable. They are good for the environment and allow our customers to feel good about making an ethical purchase. Over time, we also hope to provide a large amount of support to environmental charities in addition to creating sustainable products.

Why We Love Cotton

As you can tell by our name, we absolutely love cotton. We chose Cottonist as a brand name because it is our goal to focus on providing healthy cotton products for our customers. Cotton is an eco-friendly material that is easy to grow, uses less water than many other plants, and is also biodegradable, making it safe for our planet no matter how it is used. Unlike synthetic materials, which are made using toxic chemicals, cotton is completely natural and comes with a wide range of benefits. It is light, breathable, and soft. Even better, it makes our designs look great!

We are working with small manufacturers, which local women work at, to support them. All production cycles support one another. Our manufacturers are working with local farmers which creates a sustainable production cycle. The production time is longer than fast fashion and our handmade products are imperfectly perfect which makes a more natural & sustainable production cycle. Like the all eco-friendly production cycle, our manufacturers use natural dye for all of our products.

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The Cottonist team is composed of our two founders and a team of local women who are committed to providing sustainable products that directly support the environment. Our towels are lightweight, all natural, fast-drying, and in many cases, partially handmade. Our towels and blankets are designed to look great and last long so that you can enjoy them for years to come while honoring your commitment to the planet!

Take a look through their towel and blanket collections at:

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