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Educating Through Play With Kontu

Educating Through Play With Kontu

I was all for home school until the first day when I saw the curriculum. Even now that I’ve registered for public school, I still feel tense about the fact that it’s only half day with the option of a blended program consisting of home school and one day a week in school.

My greatest fear would be, the amount of work needed from me. And that’s not just with me being involved in teaching my kid. I’m talking about organizing school supplies. Making sure the table is clean for working on. Prepping items for hands on assignments. Reading instructions so I understand what I’m trying to teach my kid.

I honestly didn’t realize a huge aspect of home schooling would be me teaching. Yikes!

And now with my daughter only being in school part time, I am wondering how I’ll manage keeping her focus on her education with out taking full responsibility.

I love Kontu products for the very fact that they take a hold of all the work I need to do. This box comes with organized instructions and activities that is very plainly laid out. There’s no prep work needed by me.

Each activity explains clearly what the lesson is to be learned and what pieces are needed. I literally read each card out to the kids and they followed what was said. I didn’t even have to think about it.

My favorite is the mechanical aspect of the magnets within the wooden blocks. They work in a way that causes the objects to come to life! They spin and bounce away from the other pieces. They stick to each other even when held upside down. What a lesson about magnetic fields!

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My kids turn into architects when they build different structures with Kontu. They copy the picture on the card precisely. Counting the number of blocks involved and paying attention to the placement. I’m truly impressed! There’s so much to learn from such a simple design.

And the clean up! Well, I didn’t clean it up. In fact I didn’t even notice my five year old pack it away!!! She packed it away herself! Not a stray piece in sight!

This is worth having in every home. Especially for this season where schooling is not as it has been. You can pre-order Kontu for November!

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