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Hylunia – All Natural Skin Care

Hylunia – All Natural Skin Care

My experience with acne cleansers have not been great. Those that have worked have also had unusual side effects.

I’ve experienced extremely dry skin after using an acne cleanser. I’ve experienced a burning sensation. I’ve experienced oily skin. I’ve experienced hives. I’ve experienced no change at all!

When dealing with acne cleansers I want results that aren’t at the cost of my health. Acne cleansers that leave my skin feeling off after using them does not have me convinced that my health hasn’t been compromised.

Even better when I notice the results without standing with my face right close to the mirror.

Hylunia Skin Care is the best acne cleanser I’ve used. To start I’ve never used an acne cleanser that wasn’t dolled up. Cleansers typically have a color pigment, whipped texture and sometimes, even glitter!

Hylunia Skin Care products have nothing of the sort. Not even a smell! When pumped into my hand it looks as natural as coconut oil or water coming out.

The Hylunia Acne Cleanser doesn’t lather much- it’s just enough for you to tell it’s washing and a little goes a long way!

After drying my face off, it doesn’t feel like there’s a layer of product left on it. It feels fresh and clean as if it took everything- even the residue from the cleanser down the drain.

The texture of the face creams are a little runny. Not greasy. At first pump I thought, is this going to do anything? Well, it did more than my fancy looking face creams have done.

Some things I did not expect to see within the first week of using Hylunia Skin Care is even toned skin. I have no idea my skin could look a consistent color without makeup.

I didn’t realize just how clogged my pores were until they disappeared. Completely gone! Usually there are a lot of tiny bumps all over my face. When I scratch at them, a layer of grease is left under my nails.

This hasn’t happened since I started using Hylunia! In fact my greatest shock is that I don’t feel like I have anything on my face after my completing my skincare routine. Literally my skin feels similar to when I was a kid.

It’s smooth and firm. Not greasy or dry. I don’t feel like I have to wash my face as the day goes on. In fact I spray the Hylunia mist periodically just because it’s so relaxing. I’m sure it works too. But I don’t feel that I absolutely need it.

When I use skincare products, I want it to leave my skin feeling and looking as natural as the day I was born. Hylunia Skin Care did that for me and I feel safe knowing it’s all natural.

Hylunia was founded with the core purpose of benefiting humanity in 1988. Hylunia was the first skincare line to have plant-derived Hyaluronic Acid (made from Sugar beets) in every product. 

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