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Women’s Eco Friendly Clothing

Women’s Eco Friendly Clothing

The risk of depression is currently high. With this in mind, we need to make every effort to resist it’s potential onset. 

According to specialists, starting your day by changing out of your pyjamas is a great help to boost your mood. 

For stay-at-home moms like me, I still want to be comfortable while at home. My ideal outfit has to fit these criteria:

1. As few layers as possible
2. Soft and breathable material
3. Nothing covers my legs and I mean nothing!

I believe it’s the Caribbean in me that causes me to be so picky. Sure I live in a colder climate, but I still would rather be cold and in as little as possible than warm and not comfortable. 

Now that my husband has had to stay home with us on quarantine, I also want to put some effort into looking sexy. 

Echo Verde is one clothing line that I can trust with its highest quality of fabric and greatest concern for the environment. 

I’m so picky about what touches my skin that I’ve returned Victoria’s Secret clothing after putting on what looked like a soft material and feeling instead a stiff and gritty material. I cringe just thinking about that outfit. 

These days it’s truly not about the brand’s popularity. But rather the message, quality and care behind it. Jane, the creator and owner of Echo Verde knows the smallest detail that goes into each clothing item. 

1)  Organic Cotton V Neck Sweater:  100% organic cotton, Fully Fashioned Sweater Knit with roll hems and roll neckline.  Washed after production to give a soft hand. Comes in 5 colors, and sizes XS-XL.

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2)  Organic Cotton Crop Legging: 95% organic cotton/5% spandex – the spandex allows the fabric to stretch back in wearing and is wrapped within the organic fibre.  This is a pique knit texture and has a flat waistband so it gives and moves with you. Comes in white and navy, and sizes S, M, and L. 

3)  Essential Tank Slip Bamboo – 95% organic bamboo/5% spandex:  Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and most eco friendly textiles.  The processing of bamboo can be harmful and it is imperitive that eco brands use mills that treat and dispose of any wastewater or re-use the materials in the processing of bamboo textiles.  Bamboo regenerates every 6 months and is grown naturally without any chemicals/herbicides or pesticides!   Bamboo also breathes beautifully on the body and wicks away moisture.  Available in 5 Colors, and sizes XS-XL.

The tank/slip style is great as a nightie, tank top or beach cover up.  Also as a slip under summer dresses!

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