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Do you dare to break the mold? – Dream Design Delight Shop

Do you dare to break the mold? – Dream Design Delight Shop

There are those who follow the trend and those who lead. The leaders tend to make the greatest impact. Choosing one of a kind items within your home or that you wear is possible with businesses like Dream Design Delight.

Creator and business owner, Assunta takes pride in turning your unique ideas into a reality. Here she is to tell us more:

One of the reasons I started crafting for myself was that, even with the great variety offered in many stores, I often had a vision of what I wanted, which none of them could fill. My goal for my shop is to be limited only by my own imagination.

I especially love when a customer sees something I’ve made and has an idea to make it their own. For example: a woman once saw a mermaid tail blanket that I made and requested an entire dress based off of it. That was a unique challenge because unlike the blanket, the tail of the dress had to leave room for the wearer to walk

I love when people give me creative and challenging ideas to work with. Probably the most unique and fun request I’ve had was to crochet a miniature golden dragon. I worked from a picture, made a wire armature for the inside so that it would be poseable, and invented my own pattern to crochet the dragon’s skin. I worked on capturing as much detail as possible from the picture. In the end it came out super cool and the customer was very happy with it!

I first knew it was time for me to open my own shop after my mom taught me to crochet as a kid. I had always loved making things by hand. There was a simple hat pattern that I particularly liked, and when I had made hats for myself in every color, I wanted to make more and thought it would be fun to try selling them.

My mom and I decided to get a booth at a holiday bazaar. We both loved it and it became a tradition every year until I went off to college. I started my Etsy shop around that time, and to this day I love running my business online.

This is what I love to do, so even though it does take a lot of time, it can often feel like relaxing instead of working. It’s also worth the wait to watch a project come together as I work on it.

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With that said, I do need to account for my time in order to make my business work. I keep track of the time I spend on each project and do my best to price my pieces in a way that is fair to the customer and to myself. This means the price should be affordable and uninflated, but still reflect the time and materials that go into each piece. It’s going to be higher than  mass-produced products, but worth it for the quality and originality.

I hope to bring people quality custom items that will make them smile for many years. I believe in helping customers design pieces that have meaning for them and that they will want to use again and again. I want to encourage them to move away from disposable items and fast fashion culture. Whether that means a sturdy shopping bag, washable face scrubbies, a signature clothing item, or an art piece that will become a treasured heirloom- my customers bring their hearts into their custom requests and I strive to provide them with finished products that fulfill their dreams!

Take your ideas to another level and shop with Dream Design Delight.

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