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Comfort Meets Eco-friendly Quality & It’s A Mom Staple… The T-shirt –

Comfort Meets Eco-friendly Quality & It’s A Mom Staple… The T-shirt –

It’s a big day for a stay-at-home mom if she is lucky enough to get out of her pyjamas. And if she manages to do so, you can guarantee she’ll be in her comfiest outfit. This outfit is not always fit for visitors or running errands outside of the house.

A long-standing favorite in every moms’ closet is the T-shirt. It’s simple and comfortable. You can dress it up or down with a few accessories and switching from jeans to a skirt or sneakers to heels.

Finding a quality t-shirt is however very tricky. Nowadays brand name does not determine the quality being high. A few things you’d want in a quality t-shirt is:

1. It’s Wrinkle Free – Does not wrinkle after washing and maintains it’s shape (despite little hands tugging on it).

2. It’s Soft – Needs to be comfortable enough to keep up with mom duties while out of the house as well as for the potential of falling asleep in it.

3. It Fits For All My Body’s Shapes and Sizes – From postpartum body to PMS body and all sizes in between. I never know what I’ll wake up to concerning my body’s shape. I need a shirt that fits all my body’s potentials.

Does a shirt like this exist outside of my hopes and dreams?

Tamar Kate (or T.K.), is a clothing company with quality clothing that hits all the markers! With the added benefit of it being made from naturally-derived fabric called modal.

Tamar Kate’s modal fabric is a super-soft fibre made from sustainably-harvested beech tree pulp, using an environmentally friendly chemical process.

What makes it better?

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Modal has the reputation of being very resistant to shrinkage: meaning that it will still fit long after a 100% cotton department-store piece has shrunk two sizes. It maintains its soft texture despite multiple washes and stands up to friction (and those unnaturally strong toddler fingers) — minimizing those annoying little pills and holding its shape for years.

I was immediately blown away by the quality and rich, silky-soft texture of my Maria T-shirt. It’s soft, light and breathable. It drapes well over my postpartum body in a way that is both modest and flattering.

Even better, I can rest easy, knowing that no pesticides, herbicides, or harsh chemicals were used in the making of my new wardrobe staple.

Quality that’s fit for a Mama’s body is just a click away! Click Here to shop!

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