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Can Quality Jewelry Not Put A Hole In My Wallet? – JewelrybyLouisa

Can Quality Jewelry Not Put A Hole In My Wallet? – JewelrybyLouisa

I’m not big of gifts. Mostly because I’m so focused on practical necessities that it literally pains me to receive an expensive gift that I know will be exciting for a little while, but will soon be just another item in my closet. 

I really only put value on items I choose for myself. These items are usually things I’ve thought out for a long time and even made a pros and cons list as to why I should get it. 

One Christmas I knew I could use a necklace. Something simple and yet a little shiny. Something that could go with every outfit so I always look fashionable. Whether it be at the grocery store, church or at home. In sweats, pyjamas or a dress.

My husband bought me this necklace that was supposed to be Sterling silver. I know because I picked it out myself. So you can bet it was affordable. I thought it was beautiful and I wore it with everything. 

One day it started to rub me the wrong way. My neck felt itchy. It had began to turn an awful brown rusty color and irritated my skin. 

There’s nothing worst than being tricked into buying something that seems quality but then turns out to be a cheap knock off. Not to mention there’s truly no guarantee when buying jewelry that’s easily affordable from a drugstore merchant. (That’s jewelry cheaper than an engagement ring). 

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When shopping from a small business, you’re purchasing from a single person that prides herself in the quality of her items. JewelrybyLouisa is just that. Jewelry made by artist and owner Louisa. 

Louisa makes quality jewelry that cost the same amount as an item you’d purchase at the spur of the moment. No arm and a leg needed. 

These pieces of jewelry include the combination of semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals. Added to any outfit, this jewelry becomes a statement piece. Jewelry can be affordable and quality made. Don’t settle for less! Click Here to shop using discount code 20%OFFMATURINGMAMA till September 1st.

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