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Travel with Kids Just Got Easier – Kidmoto

Travel with Kids Just Got Easier – Kidmoto

Introducing Kidmoto! The answer to a parents cry when traveling with kids and their car seats. Parents, here is a reason to leave the car seats at home.  Kidmoto is a services app much like Uber, but for families.

 Kidmoto was created because taxis and car services do not provide installed car seats in NYC. As a child passenger safety technician, Nigel saw a need for installed car seats and created Kidmoto.

Our family is a rare breed; our unusual love and commitment to take long trips by plane with our kids is uncommon. (Esperanza; 4, and Izabella; 1)

Most parents complain of the difficulties of flying to locations that are many hours away. For most, a three hour plane ride with young kids is enough to change the family name to Hermits. 

But for a family like mine, we had no choice but to get used to traveling with our kids. You see, my family came from Trinidad. Apart from my immediate family and a handful of aunts and uncles, they are all still there. 

My mom moved my sisters and I to Canada, my dad and a handful of his siblings moved to the U.S, my husband and I moved to Hawai’i for half a year after getting married, then Australia as international students for 3 years. This is where we welcomed the unexpected birth of our first daughter. Of course we had to have her meet the entire family in Canada, meaning multiple trips back and forth.

All this to say, we’ve taken many trips (10 in total) with our kids to the U.S., Australia, Canada and Trinidad…That’s a lot! Not to mention most of these trips are often 8 to 20 hours of travel!

I’d have to say, the part I don’t care for most is the layover and having to get our things from one aircraft to another. There have been times when there were no trollies available to carry our luggage and car seats. We were an absolute mess juggling these and the kids through a busy airport. More times than I’d like to admit, airlines have called our names on the intercom because we weren’t able to get to the gate fast enough.

If this hadn’t caused enough stress, add to that our arrival to our final destination. When we have to find a means of transportation to get to our hotel and need a vehicle with enough room for two car seats, two adults and all our luggage… Fat chance if it’s an airport shuttle. 

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There were times my family had to separate because there was just enough room for one car seat. Leaving one adult and child behind at the airport to wait for the shuttle to come back! It’s like Kid Moto saw that superhero call, like the bat signal! 

Kidmoto drivers are trained and vetted, plus they provide 1 to 4 car seats in a vehicle. Uber drivers in NYC provide 1 car seat in a sedan sized vehicle. Traveling families often need more than 1 car seat and they generally have a lot of luggage, therefore, a sedan is too small. Kidmoto drivers provide larger vehicles for up to 6 or 7 passengers depending on the city or locality. 

The age range to use Kidmoto is 2 days old to 12 years old in booster seats. Kidmoto uses Diono convertible car seats. These car seats have 10-year expirations, but Kidmoto will only use them for 3 years. 

Kidmoto is available in New York City, Philadelphia, Orlando, Port Canaveral, FL and launching soon in Charlotte. 

It’s time for parents of young kids to embrace the excitement of traveling once again. Click Here to learn more!

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