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Myomi Skin – Whipped Organic Shea Butter

Myomi Skin – Whipped Organic Shea Butter

This inspiring momtrepreneur, Evan Noel Cheurfa, thought there for a minute that having a second baby was going to slow her down and make her feel less motivated. She thought with being so busy wrangling tiny humans, her hands would be tied and she just wouldn’t have time for much else. Au contraire mon amie! She found exactly the opposite to be true. 

Being completely overwhelmed made Evan into an even better multi-tasker, quick thinker, and problem solver. Since becoming a mom, she had been searching for the perfect career where she could excel while still being home with her kids. She had dreamed of starting her own business in the past but felt like it was too far out of reach. Then one day she decided.. nope, it’s not! And so, Myomi Skin was born. 

Named after her beautiful daughters Maya and Naomi, Myomi Skin products are handmade using organic whipped shea butter. Having been an avid shea butter user for years, Evan noticed how much trouble she had with how unspreadable it was in its raw form. She knows how helpful this product is for dry skin, and wanted to create a beneficial and organic product that would glide on the skin and be easier to use. So she did! 

Myomi Skin’s whipped shea butter is blended with almond and coconut oil, and is currently available in unscented, vanilla, sandalwood, or lavender essential oils. She has also created a hydrating face oil containing Lavender Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Jojoba Oil. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its own unique benefits.  

Evan uses her own products day and night, and loves how gentle they are and can be used on her babies. It also brings her great joy to hear rave reviews from customers about how effective her products are. Here are just a few: 

“Shipping was quick. It smells and feels amazing, I’m now addicted.” 

“Great keeps my skin super soft and smells amazing!”  

“Amazing!! Came right in time for my wedding day and best believe my skin was moisturized and glowing. Great scent and my husband loves it too. Thank you!!”

Evan puts her heart and soul into her business, and she believes in her products. She knows that they work and last, and wants nothing more than for them to be beneficial and loved by all. Please check out these beautiful products at:

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