I’m Breann – a 27 year old Insurance Professional, Student, Wife, and Mom to two special little boys; Azlen (6) and Eli (5).

I was born in Calgary, Alberta, where I spent the first 13 years of my life before moving to Winnipeg, Manitoba. At the moment I am in between jobs as we are working on moving our family to Alberta.

My husband, Ashton, and I grew up together. We met at 4 years old when his father was the pastor of our childhood church. We were able to go to an academically focused school together for grade 7 and 8, where I tricked him into going on our first date. We kept in touch over Nexopia, Facebook, and text messages after my parents moved my brother and I to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In 2010 after we graduated from highschool, I tried moving back to Calgary to be with him, that of course only lasted two weeks (we both were too young and immature). 5 years later we tried dating again, this time via long distance. That was hard, but 8 months later he moved to Winnipeg to be with me and my kids and the rest was history.

As a non-traditional family, we have found that people clam up and get anxious when they find out that Ashton isn’t Azlen and Eli’s biological father. We are working together to change the way step-parents are seen. I personally, would not want to see what would have happened if I would have stayed with the boys’ biological father (I’ll save that story for another day).

Through all of my life, God has played a pivotal role. In my formative years, it may have seemed like he wasn’t there. But now as I look back, I can see him guiding me and directing my life. I may have gone crazy and strayed from his path time and time again, but through it all he kept me safe.

My parenting style would be more of an old school style. My husband and I believe in limiting screen time and do not allow the boys to have tablets or iPads at home. Since Azlen could potentially have special needs (we are still trying to get testing) we limit sugar and red food colours, keep to a schedule (also helps with my anxiety), and watch dairy products (both boys are severely lactose intolerant). 

As a mom, I often feel like I have failed or messed up at some point or another. This is partially due to my anxiety and depression, but it also stems from parenting just being HARD. My goal is to not let parenthood be so HARD. I want to help, lift-up, and support other mama’s by telling stories, conversing, and laughing together as we navigate through all aspects of parenting.