My Family

“Combining two cultures is hard but the outcome seen through our offspring makes it worthwhile.”

– Chanelle

“The real me has dread locks”
– Jesiah a.k.a Hubs

My reggae star. You’d be surprised to know I met him before the dread locks and he convinced me to do them for him. Then I convinced him to cut them off haha. Jesiah is more than just a father, husband and musician. He’s an inspiration to our family.

When presented with a new idea or challenge he approaches it with excitement. He’s our family’s greatest cheerleader. Encouraging us to live out our wildest dreams and to do so care free. He is the true portrayal of wild at heart. He also has the most genuine heart. He’s likely to pick up every hitch hiker he passes by, (as long as the kids aren’t in the car).

“Mommy! Daddy! Stop talking, it’s my turn to talk!”
– Esperanza

Our three year old diva. When she wants something no one can tell her no, not even mommy and daddy. She demands attention and will get physical to get it.  Yet she’s also very sensitive toward others. She’s the type to cry if she’s hurt someone. 

The thing about her that touches my heart to tears, is her regard for everyone as her family. It’s not uncommon for her to approach a homeless person and say “Hi, Uncle!” or “Hi, Aunty!” She’s gone as far as giving them gifts from her pockets. There was one time she gave a homeless man her favourite pink bracelet and he put it on and said thank you. As we walked away I even looked back to see if he kept it on and he did!

“AHHHHH! Da da da da”
– Izabella

Our 8 month old wild child. She’s loud. She’s very hands on. She screams when she’s happy, sad, angry… pretty sure she thinks my name is, “Ahhhh!” because she screams this while approaching me.

She’s a whole other level of our first born… yes we are terrified. But she’s also a major people person. She’ll smile at everyone and allow anyone to hold her. She’s recently learned how to kiss others and she won’t just do so quickly. She will share a moment with you as she slowly plants a soft wet kiss on your cheek. It makes everyone feel special!


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