I am Kalifa – a 28-year-old full-time mom, part-time writer, living in Vancouver with my husband, Matt, and two daughters, Remy (3.5 years) and Lily (1.5 years).

I was born in Toronto and spent a few of my early years there, but grew up mainly in the lower mainland of BC. I am an only child raised by an amazing single mom, who I learned to truly appreciate after having children of my own.

As a family we love to get outside and explore the city – walking, biking, spending days at the park, visiting farmer’s markets, trying new restaurants (1-year-old willing), etc. 

You may be curious about my parenting style, since this shapes my perspective and writing. Overall I would describe myself as a gentle parent: rather than the traditional family hierarchy, I work with my children to help them make age-appropriate choices for themselves. I focus on positive reinforcement, avoid punishment, and let natural consequences happen (as long as no one is in danger, of course). My goal as a parent is to guide my children to becoming healthy, confident, self-motivated adults, and this will only happen if we work together.