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M.M. Publications Presents – Student Professor Relations

M.M. Publications Presents – Student Professor Relations

Blayke is a community college student in her early twenties, on her way to graduate and start her own catering business, when a series of unfortunate events lead her to an incomplete final assignment. This, she desperately needs a passing grade on or will face possible homelessness.
In a moment of desperation, she finds her self blackmailing her professor through claims of sexual assault.
Professor Mason has to have his student move in with him to make certain she completes her assignment while following through on her promise to keep from filing a report to the Dean.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Student Professor Relations.

Professor Mason and Blayke arrived at his apartment building just moments later. Blayke couldn’t help but pay close attention to every detail of the building foyer and elevator. It was posh. Like more posh than a community college professor should be able to afford.

Can this student-professor relationship lead the two to their desired end goals? Or will an unexpected attraction work against them?

She could see her reflection through every surface. Floor, walls and ceiling. There was a uniformed security guard at the door who looked like he ought to have been protecting the queen and not a simple apartment building.

They entered the elevator and Professor Mason pushed the number 2. Just before the doors closed, a woman’s hand holding a Gucci hand bag appeared through them. She entered the elevator and Professor Mason relaxed, giving her a very cool, “Hey!”

The woman was stunning. Likely a career woman with no committed relationship or kids. She probably spent more money on her face than Blayke spent on her year at community college.

The Professor and this career woman were unbelievable. He looked her up and down and then she did the same to him. They both gave flirty side glances at one another and it sickened Blayke.

The woman leaned over close enough to Professor Mason while pushing the level 5 button, that even Blayke saw her belly button through the neck of her shirt.

To her disgust, she saw Professor Mason smirk at the lady. As the elevator doors closed, Blayke decided it was time to have some fun of her own. She turned to face the Prof. and leaned against him, putting her arms around his neck and whispering, “You thinking of making me dinner tonight or did you want to go out?” Blayke noticed the Professor’s hands had found its way to her hips but imagined this was likely caused from muscle memory as his face appeared mortified.

The look on the career woman’s face was just as priceless. Blayke felt like she could read her thoughts through her expression of horror.

Is that his date?! How old is she?! Was he seriously just checking me out with her near by?! Professor Mason looked down at Blayke with a glare but she ignored it and continued, “Maybe we can swing by your work beforehand and say hi to your friend the dean-“

He suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her close. And like an answer to his prayer the elevator doors opened immediately.

Blayke noticed his eyes widen as it did and he abruptly pushed her away from him and exclaimed, “Mom?!”.

Blayke turned around to see the sweetest looking lady with an excited smile standing in the door way.

The professor pulled Blayke out of the elevator while keeping his eyes on his mother. She put her hands over her mouth and let out an excited excited squeel. Her face suddenly dropped and she asked, “She’s not a hooker is she?!”

Blayke was startled by the accusation. “No!”, she exclaimed.

“Oh wonderful!”, the Professor’s mom threw her arms around Blayke, giving her a big squeeze. Professor Mason appeared behind his mom. He frantically waved his arms around- Blaye read it as a signal for her to not say anything about their agreement.

She couldn’t believe how goofy the sexy Professor made himself look, all to keep his mom from knowing the truth.

“Oh, my little Patty finally found a beautiful girl!”, she sang as she swung Blayke from side to side in her arms.

She let Blayke go after more swings than her stomach could take. And putting her arm around her, she led the way to the Professor’s apartment door. “You know, Patrick seems like a floater when it comes to the ladies-“

“Mom!”, Professor Mason protested from behind them.

“But he really wants to settle down with a good girl. I know he does deep down inside”.

Upon arrival at the professor’s apartment front door, his mom pulls out a key to let them all in.

Professor Mason clearly read the look on Blayke’s face because he then argued, “Mom that key is only for emergencies!”

His mom waved her hand in Professor Mason’s face like he was a fly and they all went in.

The professor’s apartment was stunning. Spacious and with the classiest decor pieces. Blayke almost felt like she ought not touch anything in fear she’ll decrease its value. She was beginning to realize she had this professor all wrong. Blayke was expecting a messy studio apartment with posters of strippers and second hand furniture with cigarette burns. Where did he get all his money?

“Is this your first time here dear?”, Proffessor Mason’s mom asked. The question caught Blayke off guard and she looked at Professor Mason for some guidance. But all he did was put his head in his hand.

Blayke shrugged a shoulder as she was unable to find an appropriate answer. The sweet old lady blushed, “I must have interrupted something”.

Professor Mason’s eyes lit up. “Yeah mom! You really gotta call before you stop in”. “Oh I’m sorry! He doesn’t usually bring girls home. But you must be someone special!”, Mrs. Mason said in excitement. “We’ll have to have brunch! Sunday?”

Professor Mason looked panicked. “Mom please don’t!”, he said as he gently pushed her out the door.

“I have a good feeling about this one!” “Mooooom!”, Professor Mason protested. “I’m going! I’m going! We’ll see you Sunday!”, she said as Professor Mason closed the door behind her.

He looked at the door for a few seconds before violently opening it and yelling, “We?! Mom, that better not included the rest of the family!…. Mom!”

There was no answer. Professor Mason closed the door and banged his forehead against it.

“So your mom has a key? Did she buy you the place too?”, Blayke teased. Professor Mason sighed, “I gave it to her when I went back packing through Europe and she didn’t give it back-“

He stopped himself, realizing he didn’t owe her an explanation. Blayke raised her eye brows, willing him to continue.

He frowned and paced into his bed room, returning with a laptop. He set it down on the kitchen island and sternly said, “Get to work!”

Blayke rolled her eyes and grabbed a seat on a bar stool. While laying out her Business text book on the counter, she decided to continue her torturous interrogation.

“So, your mom ok with you dating a girl ten years younger than you?”, she asked. Professor Mason glared at her. “How do you know I’m ten years older?”

“It’s more?”, Blayke asked, batting her eyelashes.

Professor Mason leaned his face toward Blayke’s in an intimidating manner, but jolted back when he realized what he was doing.

He spun away from her, rubbing his hands through his hair in frustration. Lucky for him the messy hair look suited him. Blayke decided to call it a day with her interrogation before she got kicked out.

Professor Mason went into his refrigerator and pulled out a few take away boxes of old Chinese food.

“You hungry?”, he asked as he placed the containers into the microwave. Blayke cringed, “Not for that”.

The Prof. looked at her like she was impossible. Blayke stifled a snort. “You don’t know how to cook for yourself?” He cocked an eye brow at her.

“The community college student is judging me?”

“Sorry. I was just expecting more from someone with a restaurant grade oven and stove.”, she said matter of factly. Professor Mason looked at the untouched and very expensive gas stove. He shrugged, “I just like the look of it”.

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Blayke got up from her seat and went over to the fridge. “You’ll like it even better once you experience what it can do!”, she said as she searched through his fridge. “I don’t really have anything in there”, the professor confessed.

“Let me guess”, Blayke started, “you’re the type that purchases take out and puts it into pots and pans just in time for when your date arrives?”.

She pulls out an eggplant, onions and portobello mushrooms. Professor Mason gave her a confused look. “Those are random”, he commented.

She continued into his pantry and pulled out Chibatta bread. “Score!”, she exclaimed as she waved it in the air. “And you’ll be making?”, he asked.

“It’s a surprise”, Blayke said with sass. She placed her hands on his rock hard chest, she pushed him out of the kitchen.

“Are you always this bossy?”, he asked. “Only when I really need something”, she replied. She then pulled the old Chinese food out of the microwave and tossed it into the trash. “And right now I need delicious food”. Blayke found the most beautiful cook ware that appeared untouched.

The knives were so sharp they sparkled. The cutting boards had no sign of wear. Not a single scratch. She went to work, chopping the vegetables and soaking them in olive oil with dried herbs. She lay everything including the bread that had a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of fresh garlic and parmesan cheese, onto an oven pan.

“I hope this means you won’t be kissing me again for atleast another 24hrs”, Professor Mason exclaimed from where he sat at the island.

Blayke looked over her shoulder and was surprised to see him there. She hadn’t realized he wasjust watching her work. Was that creepy or endearing?

“Just so we’re clear it was like kissing my dad”, she clarified before putting the pan into the oven.

“I think you might need to revisit that theory with a therapist”, Professor Mason shot back.

“Well Patty-“, Blayke started. “Don’t do that. Don’t call me Patty”, Professors Mason argued, “Call me Patrick if you want while we’re out of class. But stay away from Patty”

“Ok. Don’t call me Belle”, Blayke retaliated as she placed her elbows on the kitchen island and lay her chin in her hands. “Tuche. But in my defense you look like a Belle”

“I don’t know if that’s a pick up line you’ve used before. But Belle is one of the worst Disney princesses. She suffers from Stolkhome Syndrome and some how that makes her a suitable role model for girls everywhere?”, Blayke argued.

Patrick squinted his eyes at her, “I can justify Belle being a fair role model because she sacrifices herself for her father. Not to mention Belle means beautiful. So it’s a name suitable for many females in the world”, he concluded. Blayke gave a big sigh, “Look at that! You’re still trying to teach me pointless information even outside of class”.

Patrick looked past Blayke and his eyes grew concerned. Before Blayke knew it, Patrick grabbed her by her waist and tossed her onto the couch before racing to the oven which Blayke hadn’t realized had large clouds of smoke coming out of it.

He quickly turned the oven off and pulled the pan of smoking vegetables out. “And that’s why I didn’t leave you alone in my kitchen!”, he stated.

Blayke shrugged, “Too much oil. My bad”. She got up from the couch and joined Patrick in the kitchen to see that despite all of the smoke, their dinner looked perfectly golden and lightly charred.

“That actually looks really good”, he exclaimed. Blayke looked at Patrick like he was impossible, “Just because I’m young does not mean I eat cereal for every meal. I’m actually in the process of opening my own catering company”.

Patrick looked impressed. “Well, you might have a fair shot”.

“As long as my favorite college prof. gives me a passing grade”, Blayke gave Patrick a big smile and he patted her on the head.

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