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The Beauty of a Woman’s Body In How She Dresses – Jenan from Danya Shop

The Beauty of a Woman’s Body In How She Dresses – Jenan from Danya Shop

Introducing Jenan, owner and designer of Danya. A boutique with styles of clothing that encourages modest attire for occasional, professional and everyday wear:

The most beautiful parts of a woman’s body that can and should be highlighted to the world… To pick one part would be a disservice to us women. 

The fact that we can give birth to another human being is astounding all on its own. We are even able to produce milk for our babies, even if we adopt.

The fact that we can love our tiny human beings with all our heart and still have room to love more is amazing. Children crave a mothers hugs and kisses. 

There’s not just one body part worth picking to highlight; we are amazing human beings, so we should highlight and celebrate our entire body and mind no matter what shape and size we are. For those women who don’t have kids, you still are made with a pure heart and created in an amazing vessel capable of anything. We handle so much stress and we are so hard on ourselves. We, as a whole, need to be celebrated, and celebrate each other. 

I grew up in a household with 6 girls and our parents made it clear that a woman’s value is not her body, but her spirit. Our dad used to say “women should be treated like queens.” To showcase that, people should not be distracted by how big your boobs and ass are, or how tiny your waistline is. This idea of a woman’s ideal image is in fact… not ideal at all but a path to failure. Giving us women a feeling of dissatisfaction and emptiness because we aren’t good enough. When, in fact, society isn’t good enough.  

When most people think of modesty, a lot of people think of boring old lady outfits lol. Which is why I started my brand – DANYA. I wanted chic, trendy and effortless clothing. For me personally I noticed a shift in the way people addressed me. They looked directly into my eyes rather than other unwanted places. 

I found my style was more on the tasteful side. I had more of a guideline as to what I was ok with wearing, which narrowed down a significant amount of confusion for me and minimized my clothing consumption (things paired well together). I had less clutter in my closet.

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The mainstream fashion industry shows crop tops, short shorts, see through dresses, EXTREMELY TIGHT clothing and sends the message of more, more, more; and let’s be honest, this isn’t practical for most of us, and it doesn’t look good! 

When I started showcasing my pieces, a man came up to me and said “my wife has extremely sensitive skin and is prone to skin cancer. She needs clothing like yours because she can wear this in the summer and not sweat to death.” I was stunned! Not only was it women like me but women in general who needed this for many different reasons!

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