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Jewelry with Artistic Flair – Sparkling Pear Earrings

Jewelry with Artistic Flair – Sparkling Pear Earrings

Hand made jewelry can be a thing of beauty! I’m especially and pleasantly surprised with the quality of Sparkling Pear earrings. These are hand made polymer clay jewelry. 

Thus far, the polymer clay jewelry I’ve seen online has all looked the same. This is very surprising because the key feature of handmade jewelry is it’s unique quality. 

I can honestly say I have never seen the designs of Sparkling Pear earrings any where before. I’m the type that loves shiney jewelry. Anything that ads a bit of sparkle. Statement earrings don’t usually have that sparkle in them. 

These earrings however have the addition of metalic pieces that make them shine. These earrings are perfect for a relaxed outfit that needs a bit of pop. I was so lucky to have had these earrings delivered to my door on Thanksgiving weekend. 

As moms going to social affairs, we have to be dressed in preparation to be on the floor with our kids and for the possibility of a wrestling match when taking the kids to the washroom. Not to mention having kids suddenly spill food and drinks on our outfits.

The outfit that made sense for our Thanksgiving dinner was a loose fitting sweater and leggings. Not a single aspect of my attire was festive. So my go to had to be this pair of dangling earrings with metalic sparkles on them. 

I got comments from friends and family on these earrings. My outfit was so bland that these earrings stood out like a statement piece should. 

At another social event on Thanksgiving weekend, I added a pair of large round earrings with metalic sparkles on the surface to my hoodie and baseball hat outfit. 

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My husband loved my sporty chic apparel. And you ladies know how big a big deal it is when you make your man proud. 

Add to the fact that these earrings are extremely lightweight. I don’t notice them at all. They also pull apart very easily for those times when the baby decides to pull on them. Such a great design and definitely Mom Approved.

To find your ideal pair of handcrafted earrings follow the link:

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