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Finding Your Sense of Style Postpartum – ShopCharleeRose

Finding Your Sense of Style Postpartum – ShopCharleeRose

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was leaving the hospital with my sweetheart newborn babygirl in my arms. Looking down at her beautiful features, I felt proud of the new mom of two I had become- until I exited the hospital doors and entered the world of others looking at me. 

It was then that I noticed the biggest flaw I had made. I had packed pre-pregnancy clothing that I thought would fit just right. They were sweats after all. Yet, as I got the baby into her car seat, I noticed my behind struggling to keep itself hidden. Sitting down in the van I found my sweatpants fit like leggings! They looked ridiculous! 

I remember making a comment about my appearance to my husband, (ladies don’t ever do this!) and his response was; “yeah you might look bigger than when you were pregnant”. 

And he was right. I had retained water like like a camel’s hump! My body also clearly had a reaction to the epidural, leaving my back swollen. I wish I could say I was back to normal in a month. Maybe even three. But I hit the 9 month postpartum mark (the magic number everyone says it takes to get back) and I saw very little change. 

I searched everywhere for a guide on how to dress my postpartum body. I had no idea what my size was anymore. Plus my body was changing every week- but the sag just seemed to transition to different parts. 

I’m so excited to have found the shop Charlee Rose that was made specifically with postpartum Mamas in mind! This shop is for every Mama, no matter size or shape. Even better, they have a quiz online to help you find what your body shape is now that you are postpartum. I give that a slow clap into a thunderous applause! Here’s owner and creator Andrea to tell us more:

My ideal style of clothing for the postpartum body is anything that is comfortable. Yet, finding comfort in my clothes seemed to sacrifice my sense of style. In navigating through the newness of mommyhood and all the challenges that were coming with that, this made me feel even more unrecognizeable to myself. 

I typically felt like my best self after a shower, a cute ensemble and a touch of make up. It made me feel like Stella had her groove back. The problem that I was running into was, none of my prebaby clothes fit, of course. My maternity clothes were saggy in all the worst places for a new mom. My yoga pants and tshirts just weren’t making me feel very confident either. 

I was leaving the department stores more frustrated than when I went in because nothing was fitting right. So thus, I decided I wanted to start a clothing store and offer size inclusive clothing that I could hand pick for someone struggling to find clothes of style AND comfort. 

I searched high and low. I attended markets and workshops and so began Charlee Rose Boutique. We offer the stretchiest, most amazing jeans you will ever find with a nice mid-high rise waist to tuck in that mom tummy (without the discomfort of other jeans, I swear it). I hand pick styles and prints that are flattering to most body types. This includes the cut or the type of fabric. 

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Certain fabrics are heavier and therefore fall nicely around the body. We do have some items that are fitted but for the most part, our styles fit loose and flowy throughout the midsection without looking like you are wearing a trash bag. 

On top of finding the best cuts, I try to find pieces that don’t need a whole lot of thought when “putting together outfits” that look good. Time is money and the best kind of outfit is the one that I don’t really need to think a lot about. 

We also offer in house and online styling, where we send a questionnaire that includes a few different style types to choose from. This includes body type, sizes, favorite color to wear, etc. We then put together a few looks to help make shopping easier. Much like a style box. 

Do you know the best looks suited to your body type? Take the quiz Here AND click Here to shop!

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