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3 Attributes of the Perfectly Balanced Candle – West Haven Candle Co.

3 Attributes of the Perfectly Balanced Candle – West Haven Candle Co.

There’s different aspects of the holiday season that make it memorable. The sights; twinkling lights, snow falls and decorations. The sounds; caroling, Kevin McCallister’s scream, loud chatter and laughter of family members. And finally the smells; Turkey, ham, hot chocolate and scented Candles. 

There’s something about Autumn and Winter that requires the need for scented candles. The moment that flame comes up on that candle wick, I feel warmer and cozier. I feel relaxed and happier. 

The right combination of scents put into a single candle can make or break the mood. I’ve had candles that five minutes after being lit, gave me a head ache. I’ve also had candles that made the atmosphere stuffy and hard to breathe. 

The right candle has specific qualities to it’s make up. 

1. The smell fills the room but does not over power it. How unfortunate if lighting a candle makes the room colder because you suddenly have to open a window. 

2. The smell is natural, making it easily acceptable to one’s nose. These are candles made of natural combinations. Candles that make you sneeze and even choke on the air, likely have a chemical nature to them. 

3. The build of the candle makes lighting it easy to do. We’ve had candles that were made in such a way that the wick was buried into the wax. The jar was also very deep, making us have to put our hand all the way in and hold the flame to the point that the wax was about to drip before the flame would take.

Lighting a candle does not need to be a daunting task with the risk of air pollution. I recently received candles from West Haven Candle Co. Three candles in total. Peacan Pie, Toasty Marshmallow and Caramel Apple.

These candles are so pleasant when lit. They have such a subtle and delicate smell that I can even have my diffuser going near by and not be overwhelmed by smells. (Gotta keep the eucalyptus oil going for the kids’ winter colds). 

I was nervous about the Caramel Apple candle. I’ve had a similar candle before from M&M… The candy company ? probably not the best idea getting a candle from them. Smelling this candle literally hurt. 

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West Haven Candle Co. however had the perfect balance of sweet candied notes in the air. They are paraffin free, making them perfectly safe for kids and families because they are all non-toxic!

These candles are so pleasent to have going in every room, that I have started to carry one with me to every room I go to in the house. If I’m folding laundry in the laundry room, it’s going with me. If I’m reading a book in my room, one’s coming there too. Of course a bath wouldn’t be relaxing if I didn’t take a West Haven Co. Candle with me there. 

I believe the quality of these candles displays it’s Crafters attention to detail and desire to not just hit clients with a smell, but to take them on a journey within the atmosphere of the candle’s smell. 

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