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Natural & Beneficial Anti-Aging Cream -Simply Tiff’s

Natural & Beneficial Anti-Aging Cream -Simply Tiff’s

Knowing how important it is to care for the soul that lives in this skin is what led me to create Maturing Mama. But then the thought nagged at me: what about the skin I live in?

Mental health and physical health aren’t separate: they’re a two-way street. The mind is a powerful thing: but so is the body. And the body is such a complex beast, it’s hard to know where to start looking for solutions when it starts acting up. Who needs that kind of complication in their life?

Simply Tiff’s keeps it just that: simple. The usual minefield of parabens, pesticides, artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances? Gone. 

No more wondering whether your skin care product is doing you more harm than good — Tiffany formulated her line with her own family’s needs and sensitivities in mind, so keeping it natural is central to their mission. 

Tiffany was kind enough to send me the Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer to try, and it did not disappoint! 
The design of the box itself is beautifully simple and clean. The moisturizer has a mild, pleasant, botanical aroma, and such a lovely texture! 

My skin is typically cracked and dry, so I often have to use richer formulas to make sure my skin stays hydrated, which can often leave my skin oily instead. So I was impressed with how the Simply Tiff’s formula absorbs so quickly, without that unpleasant greasy feeling! It’s lightweight, and keeps my skin feeling hydrated as the days grow colder and the air grows drier. I found that my skin looked noticeably plumper, and really glowed after using this formula.

The skin, just like the body, can be affected by factors such as stress, changes in our diet or environment, or season of life. I know I felt like I levelled up when I became a mom: not only into a whole new realm of joy and possibility, but also of challenges like facing my new body, and concern for the welfare of my children. The added stress takes a toll on your mental health, your physical health, and by extension, your skin.We start to not only feel like “tired moms”: we start to look like it. 

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As the aging process begins (expedited by our little vampires siphoning the youth out of us), it’s so important to keep supplying our bodies with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need: if not to halt aging, at least to slow it down! Fortunately, Simply Tiff’s moisturizers are loaded with vitamins B, C, and E, as well as soothing anise seed extract and sweet almond oil that nourishes without clogging your pores: all in one antioxidant-packed powerhouse formula!

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