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Self Care Through Creativity – The Pesky Sisters Shop

Self Care Through Creativity – The Pesky Sisters Shop

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know and showcase some amazing entrepreneurs. Hearing their stories, I have to say that I’m a firm believer in the power of creativity — and the importance of taking time for yourself!

Whether it’s painting, knitting, woodwork — or in this case, jewelry-making — there’s something so therapeutic about creating something beautiful with your hands. And it’s even more rewarding when you can use that creativity to help provide for your family! 

Here’s The Pesky Sister’s Hannah Funni to share her experience:

“Before I started my business, jewelry design was something of a lost love. I’d done a bit years ago as a teenager, but it was too expensive to continue. However, when my children were three and one, I reached a point where I just wanted to do something for me. And I really wanted that something to be jewelry design, my favorite crafting outlet. But because of the expense, it was going to have to pay for itself. I figured, “Hey, if other people can build successful businesses out of this, I probably can, too.”

Of course, I have two daughters (now ages six and four), so there was the question of balancing my venture with my life as a mom. Luckily, I’m homeschooling my girls through the first few years at least, and that gives me more flexibility in our day-to-day life. Some days, we spend more time at the school table, or on field-trips; other days, I spend more time jewelry-making. I usually take everything about a week at a time. For example, “Did we get math done at least X number of times this week?” I learned that trying to perfectly balance each day was incredibly stressful, as there are just too many factors out of my control.

Certain seasons of life bring extra inspiration. My favorite designs come when I’m feeling especially mentally drained. A couple hours making necklaces will do more for my energy levels than a two-hour nap! It makes sense, then, that the best designs come when my mind is feeling the most relief. It seems to get the creative juices flowing.

The process of design is trial and error. My work station is a constant mess, as I’m always pulling out lots of different beads and stones at a time, to see what pops. Usually, I have an idea of what will or won’t work, but sometimes I get a pleasant surprise. Every now and then, two or three colors that I didn’t necessarily intend for each other end up contrasting beautifully! I absolutely love making those discoveries.

One favorite that I keep going back to are the earrings, Desert Sage. They’re made with sage green aqua terra jasper bead sticks and hammered bronze, wrapped in tiny gray crystals. They simply exceeded my expectations of how gorgeous they would turn out, and the color just kills me!

When you’re the mom, *everybody* needs something from you: kids, husband, pets, etc. Carving out time to do something for me was nothing short of a necessity. I want to be able to continue taking care of my people, and I don’t want to do it grudgingly. 

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But I simply cannot give from an empty cup. 
The more I ignored my own “just for fun” wants, the more I fell into anxiety and despair. Going to bed each evening, knowing the next day was going to be full of cleaning up the exact same messes, and centered around the exact same toddler activities as the days before, was incredibly depressing to me. 

This isn’t to say that I didn’t derive great joy from my little people. I did! Many times, every day! But that alone wasn’t enough to keep me going. Creating this business was a way to feed my mind, and it’s given me something else to look forward to every day.”

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