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By Mom for Mom – Byu Body

By Mom for Mom – Byu Body

Have you ever wondered why there are different products for babies than for adults? Different skin care products. Different laundry products. You’re even advised to wash newly bought clothing items before you put them on your baby. And then we adults still question, “How do I get my skin baby soft?”

I’ve actually accidentally used a bath product of mine on my baby and she broke out in hives instantly! It makes me wonder what the heck it is that’s in the products we adults buy for ourselves? My skin is so often far from baby soft. 

It’s tricky for us because we don’t have as subtle a stink as a baby does, (even when they’re covered in poo). So of course we are searching for products that take away our stench. But it’s then a trade off for the quality of skincare. 

I have a theory that many big name skin care brands are focusing on the wrong features of promoting their products.

Introducing ByUBody.

“My products are all hand made, organic, paraben free, and specifically formulated for each skin type. I take my time to research each ingredient. My ingredients are eco-friendly and, as you can see, child friendly. They are made to order. Just like buying fresh fruit and vegetables, you receive all of its benefits and nutrients when it’s at its freshest. Majority of people suffer from skin ailments and can’t afford proper skin treatments. I pride myself on making sure it is affordable. I named my company Byu Body, because I want my consumers to know that this is something made by u(you); well technically someone like you. I am a mom and I understand the urge to want to go to the spa and have a spa treatment but Ooo no, my baby girl may have a rash. So my products will give mom a spa treatment and also cure my baby girl’s rash. I haven’t forgotten the men. We have fragrances for them as well! My husband personally worked on this product. So we cover the entire family!”

– Adriana Creator Of Byu Body

It is possible to have quality and affordability for the whole family! 

I used the Magnolia Dream shower gel and what I noticed was, it didn’t take a lot to lather myself. It had a beautiful smell that filled the entire bathroom. With the addition of the Magnolia Dream lotion after getting out of the shower, my skin felt and smelt amazing! 

My girls, Esperanza and Izabella, took a bath in the lavender bath salts just before bedtime (as recommended by Adriana) and firstly they enjoyed playing with the bits of lavender floating in the water. That was a fun added benefit because they didn’t miss their average bubble bath. 

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Secondly, they smelt so good! Much better than when we used products for babies and sensitive skin. These products often lack in smell. My girls are very active and with the warmer weather coming our way, they get sweaty and smelly very quickly. 

My girls smelt like lavender all the way into the next day! And of course this product assisted in the girls calming down before bedtime. If you know my girls (like my babysitters do), they never go to bed calm. 

Byu Body has the entire family in mind. Who better to trust than a mom for the skincare products that truly nurture our bodies. CLICK HERE to see what more Byu Body has in store!

And with Father’s Day coming up this is the best product to show dad appreciation! Check out their collection for men by clicking on the product photo below.

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