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Online Mom Posse – @toriejoharmon

Online Mom Posse – @toriejoharmon

I do home daycare and I have ADHD.

The coolest part about being open concerning my struggle with Postpartum Depression has been connecting with fellow moms that struggle with mental health.

What has amazed me is the fact that through these connections, we have spent most of our time encouraging each other to push past our illness, rather than simply embrace it.

One mom that has been a great encouragement to me and given me a lot of support is Torie or @toriejoharmon as she’s known on Instagram.

She and I at times will message each other on Instagram for hours. Torie suffers from two types of depression; post partum depression and complicated grieving as well as ADHD and PTSD.

Though I shouldn’t say she suffers but rather she thrives through. I am so impressed by the manner in which Torie speaks to me about her conditions. She is not one to simply have a pitty party when everyday tasks seem hard. But instead she becomes a problem solver.

Some tasks she has admitted to having difficulty completing are household chores and talking to people. She admits she reads things over multiple times before understanding and she’s often either very early or late, but never on time.

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Upon first connecting with Torie on a personal level, I had no idea of the magnitude of her day to day struggles. She carries herself with such confidence!

Torie’s Instagram feed contains beautifully captured photos of the realities of her struggles. She is a real mom that understands she is connecting with real moms.

Torie encourages me to be me. Because that’s how she accepts me. In the same way she has accepted herself. CLICK HERE to read more from Torie on her blog.

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