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Funding Maturing Mama – Where Are Funds Going?

Funding Maturing Mama – Where Are Funds Going?

I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to turn this blog into a source of income for my family. This was my hope; find a way to turn my passion into a source of income.

Currently I have had the privilege of working with over 40 businesses from the U.K., U.S.A and Canada. These have been amazing opportunities, as these companies have expressed their financial contribution as a show of support to the mission of Maturing Mama; it’s more than a simple business deal.

These funds have assisted in:

Promoting on social media and Google

It’s unfortunate how few resources connected with social media are available for moms dealing with mental health problems. Though I have found numerous websites containing a simple outline of what the signs are; it was difficult finding personal accounts and blogs from moms.

Specifically, what I looked for were blogs that contained beauty in the midst of the struggles of mental health problems. Similar to that of those LikeToKnowIt blogs with its beautiful website design and perfectly edited photos.

I wanted to see real and relatable content within the blog posts of these moms on instagram. Now that I’ve taken matters into my own hands to create a blog much like the ones I desired to spend time on, I want to reach out to moms that are searching like I was.

The goal is then to let them know that they do not need to hide the realities of their struggle with mental health and motherhood in order to be as appealing as these mom bloggers with superficial content. There is beauty within the struggle.

I’ve put an estimated amount of 30% of my funding here.

Bills, Bills, Bills

There is no ideal way to do time management as a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. To be honest, it feels like I am always working. It could be because my responsibilities as a mom are so hands-on. The inability to juggle this with blogging make it so that any free moment I can get to grab my laptop or phone while the kids are distracted, I take it!

Jesiah has recently had the opportunity to lighten my load by taking more of a hands-on role with the children and blog. However this still leaves me with a large amount of work in order to keep up with the number of clients I’ve booked.

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The reality is that in order to put the time and focus needed into Maturing Mama, I need more finances than the amount of work I am capable of taking on in marketing clients. Especially in order to maintain the quality of Maturing Mama as well as the focus on real motherhood while struggling with mental health.

The amount of funds put into living expenses are an estimated 60%

Leviticus 27:30-34

The final 10% of funds received through client marketing is given back to the church. This goes to my home church in order to keep the message of Jesus Christ going. This is my role as a member of the church.

What Can You Do?

If you have been encouraged by Maturing Mama in any way. If you see the value in its mission and goals, please donate. This blog can only continue through a community standing together. CLICK HERE to donate. Every 3rd donation received will result in receiving the Maturing Mama Hat. I will be announcing winners every week. Alternatively, these hats can be purchased for $40. Contact me for orders.

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  • So proud of the work that you’re doing , keeping up with the blog and being a wife and mother .I can see that you are definitely maturing and even helping me to mature as well as providing all the wonderful Moms and Dads out there with great information on mental health.
    Excellent work

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