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Gifts for Graduates – Plushland

Gifts for Graduates – Plushland

A season of transition is on its way for many as the month of June draws near. The transition from high school student to university student. The transition from university student to full time employee.

This is a time of celebration. A time of looking back on what it took to get to that glorious day of wearing a cap and gown. A time of showing appreciation to those who have worked hard to not only be a benefit to society, but to bring honor to their family. 

After crossing that stage and moving the tassel from one side to the next, the best moment of all is to find waiting for you everyone that supported you throughout your education. In this moment of celebration, one ought not come empty handed. 

Plushland offers customized teddy bears with the option of personalized images and messages. These bears are keepsakes suitable for all ages! 

Perfect for calming nerves  during a college student’s first night away from home. With aspects of decor when placed on the mantle of one’s home. This keepsake bear can be cheerished as an heirloom gift. 

Click Here to give the gift of a personalized bear with Plushland and HERE to see what else they have in store. Plushland assures a quick turn around of 2 business days! Stay in the loop by following their social media pages,

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