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Innovation & Minimalism Collide – Kinetik Soul Jewelry

Innovation & Minimalism Collide – Kinetik Soul Jewelry

With the dawn of the minimalist trend, women are looking for new ways to reduce the size of their closets. 

Up cycling old styles of clothing and renting clothes rather than purchasing is a must for the average millennial. It seems only right that our jewelry follows suit to this economically sound idea.

One piece of jewelry for all styles of outfits is unheard of. Yet this idea has been made possible by Kinetik Soul Jewelry with a pair of earrings that are 3 styles in 1! 

“I remember my niece and nephews tugging at my hair clothes and jewelry; I remember having to remove all of my jewelry before I went to visit or babysit. 

I had the idea to do something about it then but it wasn’t until now that I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like.”

– Marie A.

3 earrings in 1 seems like it would be heavy to carry in it’s full style. However Marie rose to the challenge of making certain these earrings were as comfortable as they were fashionable.

“I’m always up for a challenge and I love to problem solve a design. It’s a normal part of my design process. I often get asked ‘is your jewelry heavy?’ And I tell them no, bamboo is very lightweight. It was always my intention to make lightweight nickel free jewelry.I considered all the moms around me and my experience as an aunt. It’s these three elements; challenge, values & family, that kept me going. 
The process in creating my designs is never easy but I follow these steps:
1. I write down all my issues as well as experimental solutions (in a digital journal I made). 
2. I cuss my way through them until I find a solution. 
In this world of technology I feel like we have a big advantage of bringing our ideas to life without outsourcing”

– Marie A.

3-in-1 earrings are both fashionable and functional. Two import aspects with three phenomenal solutions. 

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We have the privilege of being the first to present these earrings to the world. And here is an opportunity for you to purchase the first of its kind at a discounted rate.

Your purchase also supports International Bipolar Foundation with 10% of sales from Kinetik Soul Jewelry. 

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