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The Message Within the Color – Craft Princess Handmade Jewelry

The Message Within the Color – Craft Princess Handmade Jewelry

Gold: The ability to learn from mistakes.

White: The awareness to when you feel overwhelmed.              

Raniece Dorsey is founder and creator of Craft Princess. An online handmade jewelry store featuring symbols connected with the heart of Africa. 

Raniece shares important messages through her product with the language of color. 

“The meaning behind the colors are based on color psychology. Colors can alter your mood, such as making you feel more confident with red or calming you down with blue.
I came across Color Psychology years before my business, when I wanted to decorate my room. I was searching for what colors were good for the bedroom and I found a bunch of articles on color psychology. 
It’s pretty interesting. Businesses use it all the time. For example, within the colors chosen for logos. Barbie is pink because pink makes you feel more feminine and loving. Nike is black because black makes you feel powerful. 
I use Color Psychology to benefit my customers.”


Upon viewing Raniece’s jewelry for the first time, this particular piece stood out to me with it’s combinations of colors white and gold. 

It shocked me to then find out from Raniece the meaning behind these colors:

– The awareness to when you feel overwhelmed.- Consciousness to the fact that you are allowed to experience emotions (it makes us human).

– The ability to learn from mistakes. (We are not perfect).
– The abitiy to share your knowledge and experience with others who may need help.

I had no idea the messages colors hold within them. And how astonishing that we are naturally drawn to the colors of the messages we display within our hearts.

My hope is to draw the attention of those feeling overwhelmed by their role as a mother. I want to inspire others to be honest at times when they feel they don’t measure up, in an effort to learn from our short comings. 
What’s your message? What is it in your heart that you want to portray within the colors that you wear?

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Perhaps the message within you currently reflects that of hurt and pain. May I suggest then that you dress yourself in the colors that will inspire healing, comfort and growth. Colors that will lift your mood and change your perspective on your current situation. 

Raniece holds a message within each piece to inspire and encourage women. What you wear should tell your story and serve as a reminder to you of who you are called to be.

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