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Beauty That Lasts For Generations – All Sapphires

Beauty That Lasts For Generations – All Sapphires

Ladies, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, you are worth dressing up! You are! For those who are married or with someone- sure it’s for them too. But let it be for you first!

Especially after giving birth to my second daughter, I learned that I have to dress myself up at home. This was because I did not feel beautiful. I had just had a baby, so of course everything had not fallen back into place yet. Looking in the mirror, all I saw was a lot of loose skin, stretch marks and discolouration. 

I loathed the young lady looking back at me in the mirror. But I didn’t want to. So I dressed her up. I turned her into the princess that she knew she was, but didn’t feel like. 

Now let me take a moment to talk to my Mamas that are in a relationship. We tend to request a compliment from our spouses through whining. 

This will look like: 

  • “Ugh, I’m just so fat! Don’t I look fat?!”
  • “My skin is so wrinkly! Babe, just look at my skin!”
  • “Honey, look at that right there!… That was higher just nine months ago!”

That’s how we fish for a compliment?! It’s insane when you see it in writing. And then our poor husbands/partners, get themselves in trouble after:

  1. Agreeing with us. 
  2. Taking too long to answer 
  3. Not answering at all.  

The truth is that when you dress and carry yourself like royalty, your man will treat you as such. It needs to come from within, not from him! One of the easiest ways to start is with jewelry. Jewelry is one of those things you can wear with anything and it ads so much to an outfit when you do. 

Wearing a pair of shiny earrings with a matching necklace was all I needed to boost my confidence and my husband noticed! He saw that I was trying to look attractive for him and he praised me for my efforts. This then made me feel more encouraged to wear attractive clothes to match. I traded in my stretched out maternity clothes for some comfortable and sexy lounge wear.

Now, when looking for jewelry, quality is a priority if you’re wanting to go wearing it for long periods of time. You want a piece that’s quality silver/gold/surgical steel. This way it won’t irritate your skin or become discoloured. For me, I will wear my jewelry to bed and in the shower. That’s just me. Reason being, the moment I take it off I will likely forget where I’ve put it, or one of my children will eat it. 

For these reasons it’s worth it to spend a little extra cash. Especially because jewelry can turn into a family heirloom; taking it onto the next generation. I especially love this idea of my girls wearing my favourite jewelry pieces when they are older. These are items they’ve admired and fiddled with while we are sharing a cuddle. My four year has even requested to wear my jewelry. So I imagine that for me to get my jewelry cleaned up and passed onto her when she’s older, will feel like a right of passage. 

Even better is when an item of jewelry is hand made. This then ensures a piece is one of a kind and special to your family alone. Many jewelry stores today no longer practice the art of making jewelry by hand. All Sapphires is an online jewelry store that works with its customers to make one of a kind pieces of jewelry. They ensure quality and affordability. 

All Sapphires assures that natural sapphires will in fact last for generations to come and in fact it’s value will only go up.  

With colours of peach champagne and rose gold, a Peach Sapphire Ring is a great place to start when looking for jewelry that expresses your beauty. It will tell your story for years to come. What are you waiting for?! Peach Sapphire Ring; find your perfect match and use discount code 10%maturingmama.

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