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A Message From Beyond Through The Greatest Showman

A Message From Beyond Through The Greatest Showman

I can’t believe I never saw these lyrics this way before! But God has a tendency to speak to me through musicals… He doesn’t speak that way to you? Maybe you need to watch more musicals. Haha, just kidding… But not really. Start with Les Mes.

I love the sound track of The Greatest Showman… Probably more than the plot itself… Yes, definitely more than the plot.

But there’s this part of A Million Dreams that’s climactic. It’s P.T. Barnum’s wife singing to him. And that chord change has always made me stop whatever I’m doing to just soak it in.

Today I’m taking time to listen to this song, after probably a year since the last time I’ve listened to it. (Because what mom of loud children wants to listen to music when she’s finally got a moment of silence). And these lyrics were literally God’s voice speaking to me:

However big, however small
Let me be part of it all
Share your dreams with me
You may be right, you may be wrong
But say that you’ll bring me along
To the world you see

Alright God, I’m listening. You see, I get so caught up in being a perfectionist. I constantly want to get it right. It’s like I believe there’s a perfect equation that equates to the perfect life. And if I don’t get each point of that equation right, I won’t just screw it up for myself. But for God blessing my life.

He is always telling me to not get caught up in the decision making of it all. But that as long as I take Him along for the journey, I won’t have to worry.

The Bible says that He gives us the desires of our hearts. I have to be willing to see that in light of the dreams currently in my heart, having come directly from Him. Because when I spend all my time with Him at my side, I will then desire what he desires. Then I will make decisions that align with His will.

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