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How To Turn Drab Into Fab – Too Cute for Boring Jewelry

How To Turn Drab Into Fab – Too Cute for Boring Jewelry

The struggle within fashion for us moms truly begins once we’ve lost touch with the outside world. With the chaos and stress that comes with preparing for a day trip out with kids or, (God-willing), on our own; we’ve thrown in the towel. We have accepted the four walls of our home as our fortress of sanity. We venture out of the house with the same mind of caution as a parolee on house arrest. 

We have accepted that a quick trip to the grocery store with the kids is “the new”, day spent at the mall with the gals. We equate our time spent watching Barbie to what once was Project Runway. With this being my new “norm”, my style of clothing has suffered. 

Colours and styles of clothing have changed over night in the fashion world. Fashion has introduced styles to my generation that I believed only my mom’s generation could pull off. It’s embraced “old and washed out” as “trendy and chic”. 

With all this drastic change I feel safe wearing that one outfit accepted and appreciated by all… black! There’s a reason they say, “it goes with everything” and, “it’s slimming”. It’s the colour that can be embraced by every style of fashion. 

Yet the colour black can be easily unnoticed and under appreciated within an outfit. These are statements I felt I carried as labels when wearing numerous shades of black. Yet my personality said otherwise and longed to play a part in what I wore. 

After discovering TCB Jewelry, I sought after the advice of creator Tenelle Bailey. I gave her full liberty of choosing pieces of jewelry for me from her collection that were trendy and bold. 

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What came in the mail filled me with excitement. It’s vibrant colours took on a voice of its own, declaring to the world, “This Is Me!”

The variations of shapes and sizes with different textures embody a story yearning to be told. These pieces give inspiration to the simplest of outfits. They are a must-have for the postpartum mom that struggles to find herself in this daunting world of fashion.

CLICK HERE to add some new jewelry pieces by shopping TCB Jewelry’s latest collections. And use discount code MATURINGMAMA20 for 20% off!

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