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The Beauty Within The Battle – #light4maddock

The Beauty Within The Battle – #light4maddock


On February 17th, 2019 in Red Deer Alberta, a mother’s beautiful four year old boy was diagnosed with leukemia (B cell ALL).

This news came to me within our community of moms on Instagram. It had only been a few days after sweet baby Evy who battled brain cancer passed away.

My heart broke into a million pieces at the news. Another innocent child put into the front lines of a battle he didn’t choose to fight.

His mother Andrea regularly shares their story through social media. I muster the feeling of joy within each post that reflects the smallest blessings within each day.

The state of mind a mother must adopt after being placed in an uphill battle for her child, is one we can all learn from. With each post I can see Andrea grasping at and savouring every moment of comfort and peace. Every moment that feels like a win is cheerished.

Andrea’s photographs on Instagram depict beauty within their trial. The image of hope expressed through captured moments of sweet Maddock living life as best he can through this difficult time.

My heart is warmed at the sight of sweet Maddock playing Lego with his aunt and uncle. I am overjoyed at the sight of sweet Maddock being carried in the arms of loved ones. Photos of moments shared playing with his brothers. Even his enjoyment of ice cream brings a smile to my face.

I don’t understand why such a beautiful family must face such a hard season of life. But I can take comfort in the beauty of joining with Andrea and Maddock’s family in slowing down and savouring each and every moment.

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My eyes are opened to the smallest of moments with my own children. Late night cuddles with a cranky teething baby is cheerished. Early mornings of a toddler jumping on my bed to wake me up is one I look forward to.

I am so grateful to share in sweet Maddock’s journey as I learn from his family what truly matters in this short and fragile life.

You can follow Maddock’s journey on his mother’s Instagram account, @andreabrookephotography

Please partner in prayer with me for this beautiful family and please give in any way you can.

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