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Giving My Kids The Best – 2 Guys With Knives, Body Energy Club Juice

Giving My Kids The Best – 2 Guys With Knives, Body Energy Club Juice

As a first time mom to my first born daughter Esperanza, I was often concerned about her nutritional intake. Especially after she started eating solids.

My concern was that she was more interested in playing with her food than eating it. Often time she did not actually finish her meals. At this point she was off of breast milk and formula. And though she loved cow’s milk, we soon found she had a slight allergy to it.

Within that first year of Esperanza being off of formula and on solids, we found she was frequently ill. She caught every illness under the sun. Hand foot and mouth, stomach flu, regular flu and terrible cases of eczema.

Knowing Esperanza’s nutrition was lacking, I felt I could only blame these ailments on this factor. This was when the idea hit me to figure out any means necessary to get as much raw fruit and vegetables into her diet as possible. This came to me in a time period when I was obsessed with fitness and nutrition. I was constantly researching ways of losing weight, building muscle and increasing my energy while exercising.

That’s when I came across healthy juices. Not gonna lie, I’ve always stayed clear of “juices” because I had it in mind that you can only find it store bought with added sugars and preservatives. But I found easy recipes online for highly nutritional juices that could increase energy better than a morning espresso.

After researching the health benefits of these natural juices I figured I couldn’t lose in giving a small cup to my baby girl. To my surprise, she loved it! I was shocked because these were vegetable and fruit concoctions. They were far from the flavour of regular store bought sugary juices. At times I would even throw in a piece of raw garlic and fresh ginger.

After starting Esperanza on these daily concoctions, I saw a dynamic change in her health. Her eczema cleared up perfectly and hasn’t been back since. She stopped getting these lingering flu like symptoms. I found that even after starting her in childcare she maintained her health best when having these daily healthy juices.

With this in mind I felt the need to take the same journey with my second born daughter Izabella. Except there was one major set back. I had no energy to prepare these juices on a daily bases. My antidepressant medication has made my mornings very unproductive from lack of energy. I can barely gather the strength to get down the stairs in the morning with my kids.

After many moments spent daydreaming of making nutritional juices as I walked through the fresh produce isle in the grocery store, I finally decided it was time to evaluate my options. There had to be a convenient way to get fresh juice made solely from raw fruits and vegetables with absolutely no preservatives.

That’s when I found 2 Guys With Knives had freshly made juices from Body Energy Club. What got my attention toward their juices in particular, is their great concern for their meals having the purest of ingredients. So I felt I could trust their choice of this juice product being offered on their website. With a closer look at its contents I found that these juices are completely raw, unpasteurized and organic with absolutely no added preservatives.

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Even better, each individual bottle explains what the benefits are of the combinations of fruit and vegetable variations. I’d have to say my favourite bottle of their juice would have to be Skin Deep with it’s combination of Apple, Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemon.

To my surprise both my girls love Green Detox. This is a combination of Cucumber, Spirulina, Ginger and Apple. I wondered if this could be because I often made Esperanza fresh juices with ginger and cucumber in it when she was a baby? And while pregnant with Izabella, I made fresh juices with ginger to prevent me from taking cold medication while fighting off a cold.

What ever the reason, I am one happy mama knowing both my girls love starting the day with a fresh cup of Body Energy Club’s juice from 2 Guys With Knives.

And as for me, I find myself reaching for a bottle of these fresh juices before my morning coffee. Now rather than drinking my cup of coffee out of desperation, I drink it for pure enjoyment. My energy is better sustained through out the day with Body Energy Club’s juices and my family’s health is at its best.

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