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Fashionable & Functional Solutions – Thirty One with Tracy Bumpus

Fashionable & Functional Solutions – Thirty One with Tracy Bumpus

With spring in the air comes the reminder that summer time is just around the corner. So it’s time to get excited about bright colours and twirling dresses. This year I do not want to be that mom. You know the one that didn’t find the time to go shopping for clothes in vibrant spring/summer colours.

Last year was especially hard for me with being so recently postpartum. I was that mom wearing lots of loose fabric in dark shades of grey. (Because black is slimming). This year that will not be me!

Last year’s wardrobe was functional. I mean it worked for practicality’s sake. However it was far from fashionable. (At least it matched the dark circles around my eyes).

There has got to be a way to embrace the season of vibrant colours with what I wear, while being capable of :

  • Breastfeeding on demand
  • Chasing my toddler without having a wardrobe malfunction.
  • Remaining capable of hauling all of my children’s bathroom and nutritional needs, along with their much needed stuffed animals.

Thirty One is an online shop that promises personalizable totes, purses and accessories that are also functional. You can literally mix and match your perfect patterns with the size and utility you need.

There’s no sacrificing one for the other! Finally a tote in which fashionable is not its only function!

You can go as far as putting your family name on your bag for that added touch. I mean, who doesn’t want to use their last name as a label brand? Or your favorite catch phrase or slogan? The possibilities are endless and there will be little to no chance of you finding someone with your personal design. (No more: Hello other mom at the park, I see you have the same bag and now your kids are stealing my kids snacks… *sigh*).

These totes are so bright and colourful. It embraces the spring/summer season. If my wardrobe won’t represent this season, at least my tote will. And you can guarantee it will be going every where with me… I mean so will the kids. So it only makes sense.

There’s so much more exciting spring into summer finds at Thirty One. Embrace the season and start shoppping at affordable prices!

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