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I only have eyes for my Sloffee Mug – BehindTheBits Coffee Mugs

I only have eyes for my Sloffee Mug – BehindTheBits Coffee Mugs

There’s a calm that hovers over the room like a soft mist. The sound of my breathing moves like the slow tide of an ocean. Back and forth… back and forth.

I am at peace. I can feel the energy in my body rejuvenating like magnetized puzzle pieces being pulled in by it’s caller. Alas, the final few pieces are about to complete my body’s restoration when a screaming sound rattles the pieces, scattering them everywhere. 

I sit up in bed with my heart racing. My mind is spinning in confusion but my body knows the routine. It is up and stumbling down the hall toward the baby’s room. The baby is no sooner in my arms as I stumble down the stairs praying I don’t trip and plummet to my end. 

There is a cure for my ailment near. I can feel it. I can hear its call. I place the baby on the floor with a toy as I continue in my zombie like state to the kitchen cabinet. And there it is… My glimmer of hope. It shines as it’s surrounded by a halo. 

I can’t help but smile as I take hold of it. I instantly feel its potential of life giving capabilities. And as the pouring sound echoes through its core like a beautiful melody, my heart beat slows… And that first warm sip. 

My eyes begin to focus. My body is brought back to life and as I look at my rescuer he smiles back at me reassuring me that it’s all going to be ok. It is now time to take things slow as I continue to drink from his well. 

There’s something special about waking up with a cup of coffee from a mug that makes you chuckle. 

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I often search throughout my cabinet of mugs until I find the right one for my mood. That one that makes me start my day with a smile. 
Especially when a mug is the first thing I see clearly after my first sip of coffee, I want to be entertained. 

Jeni Himmer, creator of BehindTheBits, brings joy to your day with clever art. Drawn in a manner that makes one take heart in the simplicity of life. The pleasant nature of each passing moment of routine, portrayed with funny animations.

It’s time to start your day with a smile. CLICK HERE to shop and use discount code MAMA10!

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