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Can your husband cook? – Fuud Meal Kit

Can your husband cook? – Fuud Meal Kit

Raise your hand if your husband cooks well and is NOT a professional… Anyone?… That’s what I thought.

And don’t be that one wife bragging that your husband knows how to Bar-B-Que. I’m talking about in the kitchen.

Before I go any further, my husband would like me to note: he can cook “Well… Mostly…. Sometimes”. His words, not mine haha.

My husband has a history of messing up the simplest of recipes.The one meal I can count on him to nail is homemade pizza. It could be because he’s so in love with the dish that he’ll put the extra effort in to make sure it tastes exactly as he wants. But there is such a thing as too much pizza.

At the start of our relationship we had a rule: I do all the cooking and he does all the baking. This is because he makes these insane M&M cookies that we’ve banned in this house since I’ve become postpartum.

But anyway, since getting pregnant and then becoming a stay-at-home mom, I’ve been desperate enough to beg Jesiah to cook.

I remember the first time I had to accept that he needed to start cooking. I was in my first trimester and so exhausted. I was eating a frozen TV dinner… Cue the enlightenment.

What I’ve learned about my husband’s bad habits when cooking dinner is:

1. He’s impatient and believes that the hotter the element the faster the food cooks.

2. He believes that the measurement for ingredients has to be converted to a “man size” amount.

3. He loses interest in cooking and will literally walk away leaving something to overcook or burn.

Fuud meal kit puts an end to these bad habits my husband has. I got him to use their kit to make dinner the other night and he truly did not want to. He and I both knew the potential of how the meal would turn out.

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But honestly, I asked him to do it because I truly believed it was an easy to follow recipe with simply laid out ingredients. There was just no way he could mess this up. And like most wives out there disagreeing with their husbands, I was right!

He huffed and puffed about having to cook at the start. Then as he neared the end he became more positive.

Perhaps it was the smell of the food that got him in a more relaxed mood. Or it even could have been the fact that everything was going according to plan.

By the end, the meal was not just made, but delicious! And to think I never imagined my husband could look more attractive than when he’s holding a dish he made himself.

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