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Prioritizing Dreams – Black Butterfly Russia

Prioritizing Dreams – Black Butterfly Russia

My time spent looking for mom-entrepreneurs on social media has connected me with uniquely talented leaders in their craft. 

Once such mom-entrepreneur is Kate, the founder and creator of Black Butterfly Russia.

Kate is stay-at-home mom to 3 month old Alexander and 3 year old Maria.

Black Butterfly Russia is a business of quality hats handmade by Kate herself. I connected with Kate to find out how she managed to start this business making quality hats and here’s her story:

“I actually started knitting at the age of 5. But as I got older this activity was not seen as “cool” among my peers so I stopped. I then however managed to pick it back up after turning 29.

Knitting one hat will take up to 6 hours. With my two children to take care of during the day, I can only manage to do this at night.  This causes me to take 2-3 days to then complete one hat. 

I do however love this process! What I like most about making these hats by hand is how the loops knit and the quality of the yarn. 

I knit only from cotton yarn because of its hypoallergenic aspect. I have sensitive skin and because of this not all materials are pleasant for me to work with. With the use of yarn made specifically for knitting children’s products, the result is then a gentle, soft and pleasant hat.”

– Kate

You’d be surprised to know that Kate left working in the corporate world to start this business. 

“Before my husband and I had our kids I felt like I had no goal other than working 9-5. We were however inspired after the birth of our children, to leave our jobs and chase after our dreams. My family are my motivation to keep working hard at my business. 

In 10 years I hope to have the resources to move to the U.S. with my family to continue the growth of Black Butterfly Russia. At this point, with a great hard working team, I hope to satisfy my customers with quality handmade clothes  along with hats”

– Kate

Kate is an inspiration to moms everywhere that desire to prioritize their dreams in order to spend more time with their family. 

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Businesses like hers become a success with the support of like minded people like you and I.

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