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The Quality of A Mother’s Touch – Ellieru Avenue

The Quality of A Mother’s Touch – Ellieru Avenue

Preparing for the upcoming birth of a child can be confusing as moms search the stores for the best brands and materials for their child. Often time quality of a product is lacking even when the cost is high!

I myself have had the unfortunate experience of paying a lot of money for a product that was so poor in quality that I couldn’t even sell it online to someone else. This item was a $60 nursing pillow… and the baby couldn’t even lie properly on it. It was literally more work for me to keep her on the pillow than to just hold her up to my boob.

In that moment I questioned if the maker of this product was even a mom! Likely the answer is no. So you wouldn’t be surprised to know that I now value small stay-at-home mom businesses with baby products.

Much like baby goods store, Ellieru Avenue, owned by mother of two Emily Frutos. Emily explains here how she managed to take this big leap into the business world as a stay-at-home mom.

The Frutos Family

“My decision to open a shop focusing on baby items started when I was pregnant with my daughter. The nesting bug bit the minute I saw the positive test and I started shopping around for things for the baby.

Some things were just too expensive, not good quality, or weren’t the style I was looking for. I kept thinking, “I could just make that!”.

So my sweet husband saved up and got me a sewing machine for my birthday. I made things for our baby and little baby shower gifts for our friends. Fast forward 3 years and I decided to make it into a business. As of today, I am still making things based on what I think my kids would like that are unique and practical”.

Emily Frutos

I feel that our ancestors that were mothers often made their own products for their kids. It reminds me of when I was a little girl. It was not uncommon to have my mother and grand mother make me dresses. My mother at one point even made me dresses for my barbie doll.

In my grandmother’s time, magazines were not just filled with pictures of products to buy. But rather instructions on how to make these items your self. It was like they understood that a mother’s touch was the necessary ingredient.

“The dream started over three years ago! I actually purchased my first big order of Minky fabric to make blankets in March 2017.

I was in school still at the time though, so it kept getting pushed back. When I graduated at the end of 2017 I was pregnant with my son and we were getting ready to move. So yet again, I pushed it off.

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Finally, in November of last year, with lots of encouragement from my friend, (who also has an Etsy shop), my amazing mom, and my sweet husband, I made the time and got the courage to open up shop!”

Emily Frutos

I do wonder, if mothers were encouraged to create products for their children themselves, would this then be a norm that would increase quality of children’s products? Mothers after all have the intent of safety and enjoyment for their children, not simply the intent of reaching target sales.

Let this be at the forefront of your mind when considering where to buy your children’s toys, clothes and blankets. Large companies often have the most intriguing marketing strategies. However, this does not make their products fit for our children.

Often time all it takes is a simply laid out shop online with more effort put into the product than the display.

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