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Family Valentine – Short & Sweet Patisserie

Family Valentine – Short & Sweet Patisserie

Sweets are the best part of the Valentine season. There’s nothing better than indulging in treats you wouldn’t regularly eat simply for the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day. Not to mention if you buy me a box of treats, how can I be so rude as to not eat them… all!

Store bought Valentine treats are nice, but they are the same old brands of candy just with hearts on the packaging. Have you discovered the unique Valentine’s Day inspired desserts that come out of your local bakery?

Bakers don’t just put an average candy recipe together for Valentine’s Day. They instead put thought into each ingredient that creates the experience of Valentine’s Day.

Short & Sweet Patisserie has the added touch of motherly love in each batch that comes out of the oven. Founded by mothers Tammi and Diana, this bakery is an expression of the passion for baking these moms carried in their hearts years before its establishment.

Tammi and Diana took a big leap into entrepreneurship solely for the love of baking. And they are reaping the benefits of following their dreams with every passing day.

After experiencing Short & Sweet Patisserie’s baked goods, it is clear that these moms put as much care into creating recipes as they would for their own families.

With my family as my Valentine this year, I knew it would be worthwhile to pick up a box of assorted themed treats for the season. My girls were instantly drawn in by the vibrant pink and red colours within the display case upon entering the bakery. And what a warm and friendly atmosphere we were met with!

From the front counter we could see the owners and their assistants in the back room hard at work; clouds of baking flour swirling in the air in a mystical manner. The energy coming from this room was one of creative excitement.

We got a moment to say a personal hello to these beautiful mamas and hear a bit about their love and excitement for this busy season of baking for upcoming events. There was a spark of determination in their eyes as they discussed how busy their schedules were.

I admire their zeal for this journey that can appear chaotic while juggling their roles of being moms. One can tell this is not just a job for Tammi and Diana, but a dream come true!

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Our box of treats were perfect for the kids with items of subtle sweetness that didn’t bring out the monster in our kids. And of course Jesiah and I had to wait till the girls went to bed to indulge in chocolate covered strawberries with glasses of wine.

Don’t miss out on adding a little sweetness to your Valentine’s Day! This month only, get 10% off your order from Short & Sweet Patisserie when you show this blog post.

Short & Sweet Patisserie
104-16793, 60 Ave, Surrey, BC

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