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Stay-At-Home Mom Looks – Emmibell Earrings

Stay-At-Home Mom Looks – Emmibell Earrings

Comfort or Style? Does it often seem like we have to choose one or the other? For the average stay-at-home mom these two words are in constant war with each other. Add to that the desires of a lustful husband and children that keep you on your toes… and you have a war torn mama.

Why does it always seem like we have to sacrifice one for the other?

Some ask this question and then move on with life, believing that this is just the way it is. While others get to work to invent something monumental.

Jasmine Start is one such mama that asked this question and then got to work. She is the founder and creator of Emmibell Earrings. These are statement earrings that are as fashionable as they are comfortable.

27yr old Jasmine is wife to Michael and mother to Arabella, Sebastian and Emiliana.

I connected with Jasmine to find out how she came up with this detrimental need for moms that are often on the go.

1. Your design is “quality earrings for comfort”; what gave you this idea?  

As a mom of three little kids, I crave comfort. I spend a lot of time running around with my kids. Whether it’s running errands, being on the playground or playing with my kids on the floor; I need whatever I’m wearing to give me a full range of motion. Whether it’s jeans or a dress.

Also as a parent, any extra money goes to our kids. So I need the clothes I buy to last. This made me think of my earrings. I love statement earrings but I would hardly wear them because either they were too heavy and uncomfortable, or the cheap earring hooks would cause my ears to react.

Then I discovered that leather makes for great statement earrings! They are extremely light weight and therefore comfortable. Also using high quality earring hooks such as 14k gold filled and sterling sliver, means my ears no longer react. Combine that with the high quality leather, means my earrings will last!

2. What is your take on the phrase, “Beauty is pain”? 

“I think the phrase, ‘beauty is pain’, is quite contradictory. We tell our little girls that they are beautiful just the way they are. Yet we tell women that they need to wear 6 inch heels, squeeze themselves into tight skinny jeans, spend hours straightening their hair and wear tons of make up, to be considered beautiful to society standards.”

“We are then sending the message to our little girls to have an unrealistic view on what beauty is and that they aren’t good enough the way they are. Instead we should be teaching our girls that being kind to others, exuding confidence and being comfortable with who they are, is beautiful!”

“Don’t get me wrong, I wear makeup, do my hair, enjoy getting dressed up and looking put together. But it shouldn’t be painful! Makeup, hair products and clothes etc. are meant to enhance our natural beauty not replace it. Less is always more! Being who you are is what true beauty is!”

3. What is your idea of a comfortable outfit; especially for a stay-at-home mom?  

“If no one is going to see me, my pyjamas! Haha, but a pair of super comfy skinny jeans, a feminine top and a cozy sweater with a cute pair of ankle boots! ?”

4. How do you balance your roles as wife/mom/entrepreneur?  

“Honestly I’m still learning! But I find it’s the little things that count.”

“We try to sit down and eat meals together and ask about each others day. I will also work next to my kids while they do a quiet activity during the day. And once the kids are in bed that’s when I do most of my work for the business, tidy the house and spend quality time with my husband.”

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“We also try to hustle as much as we can during the week so we can do a fun family activity on the weekend and spend quality time together.”

5. What would your advice be to a mom that desires to start a business in the midst of her role as a stay-at-home mom?

“Find something you love and are passionate about, and just starting doing it! I know It’s so hard to find extra time to do things when you’re a mom. But even five minutes here and there and including your kids in helping you tidy the house or helping you with little things on your business; makes the world of a difference!”

“Also ask for help from family members and friends when you need it. I have always been one to struggle in asking for help. I’ve thought I needed to be able to do it all, but no one can do it all! It’s not possible! So if you are struggling or need a break, ask for help. I’ve learned it doesn’t make you less of a mom. The people in your life love you and want you to succeed!”

As moms, I believe with having questions most don’t think of, we then also have answers most won’t think of!

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