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#Evystrong – Prayers

#Evystrong – Prayers


Why are we on this earth if not but to bring glory and honour to your name. If not but to cry out to you in prayer. God what’s the point of life if it’s not to fight for your healing in moments when we know this was not your will.

Lord it was not your will for us to die. We chose this life for ourselves. And then YOU GAVE US THE OPTION to choose LIFE! Jesus that choice is not in vain.

Lord your DEATH ON THE CROSS is not in vain!

Lord when you saw that little girl on the bed who was pronounced dead, you said she’s not dead, she’s sleeping. Lord when you found Lazarus dead for FOUR DAYS! Lord you said OPEN THE TOMB! What?!

Lord you SAID OPEN THE TOMB! You said DIG UP THE GRAVE! Lord you said IT IS NOT THE END!

Lord you brought people back to life from the dead. So Lord why are your people refusing to pray for the dead.

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Lord you proclaimed life when others were on the path to death! And Lord healing came! HEALING CAME FROM YOU! Lord YOU DIED for our healing! Lord if we are not healed then Lord what was your death for?

Lord Jesus HEAL! Like you said you would! Lord I CHALLENGE YOU to heal! Lord I beg of you to heal! Lord this life is not what You intended for us.

Lord WE chose death… not you. Lord forgive us! And Lord thank you for the option of life. Now Lord we receive YOUR LIFE for baby Evy. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen!

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