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The Hot Mama’s Club – Chapter 2

The Hot Mama’s Club – Chapter 2

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It’s dinner time at Riley’s house. At the table sit her four sons and her husband with plates of food in front of them. Riley’s husband Andrew sits at the head of the table slowly eating his dinner while sipping on a glass of wine. He is surrounded by chaos which he seems unaware of.

The boys make lots of noise as they play with their food. Riley races around attending to each of them. She stops at 10 month old Tanner who sits in his high chair and cuts up his potato into small pieces.

She then goes to four year old Walker and using his fork, she puts a piece of food into his mouth. He spits it out across the table and the other boys laugh. “I don’t want it!”, he complains. “I don’t care! Eat it!”, Riley snaps back.

She races over to two year old Ryder sitting in a booster seat. He scatters pieces of his food on the table outside of his plate while humming. Riley picks up each piece of scattered food and puts it back into his plate, “these are not toys Ryder! They go in your mouth!”

Riley then goes over to three year old Mason who struggles to get the lid off of his sippy cup. As she nears him he finally pulls the lid off, tipping the cup forward so its contents spill all over Riley.

Riley closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “Babe…”, Andrew calls after his wife with fear in his eyes.

“That’s it! Dinner is over! Everybody OUT!”, Riley screams. She gathers everyone’s plates and piles them one on top of the other with food still on each one. The boys cheer and Andrew takes a few quick bites before Riley takes his plate too.

Beside Andrew is Riley’s plate of untouched food. She stacks it with the others and races into the kitchen.

“Everyone just go watch TV!”, she yells back at them.


It’s after 9pm and Danny’s home is quiet with most of it’s lights off. Danny goes throughout her apartment turning off remaining lights, while in her pink cupcake pyjamas. Upon arriving at the entry way and turning off the light, there is a knock on the door.

She flicks the light back on and cocks her head to the side in confusion. “A little late for door-to-door sales! I know my entry light was on but I’m turning it off… See-!”, Danny flicks the light a few times until it’s left off.

The knocking comes again in a more determined manner. Danny grunts as she unbuttons the top portion of her shirt and pulls it down to her biceps so her shoulders are showing.

She opens the door so only her shoulders and head show, making her appear naked. “Sorry, I’m not dressed-“

River jumps away from the door with a scream. He covers his eyes. “Oh it’s you!”, Danny exclaims. River continues to shield his eyes, “why are you not dressed?!… Is Jude here?!”.

“Oh my gosh! What kind of question is that?!”, Danny asks as she opens the door wider and begins to button up her shirt. “We are in the process of a divorce!”, she continues.

River uncovers his eyes and gives a sigh of relief as he sees Danny is dressed. He enters the apartment and goes straight for the kitchen, turning on all the light switches he passes by.

“You and Jude have been-“, River makes quotations with his hands, -“‘in the process of a divorce’, now for the last two years. I think it’s safe to say neither of you are going to follow through”. River opens the fridge and pulls out containers of left over dinner.

Danny shuts the front door and quickly turns off all of the lights River has turned on, leaving the kitchen light alone on. “That is my business and that is my food! It’s after nine, when was the last time you ate?!”

River shrugs as he takes a bite out of a chicken leg, “I had to work late”. Danny slams her hands on the table, “again?! What was it now-?”

The lights in the apartment leading up to the kitchen suddenly turn on and in comes Danny’s daughters, 10 year old Mackenzie and 12 year old Cassandra.

Danny throws her hands up in the air, “you guys are supposed to be asleep!” The girls giggle, “we saw the lights on”, Mackenzie explains with excitement in her eyes.

Cassandra greets River with a high five, “what up bro?”

“Uh my bro, not yours!”, Danny snaps.

“What brings you by Uncle River?”, Mackenzie asks as she puts an arm around his waist.

River shrugs, “cooking for other people and not eating myself… If I go home now I’ll end up eating frozen pizza- but like actually still frozen”, he explains.

Danny’s eyes light up, “no! He didn’t!”. River drops his head in defeat. “That sleazy boss of yours made you cook for him and his new girlfriend!”, Danny yells.

“Yes, yes… but before you go dropping names-!”, River starts.

“That tramp probably thinks she just got herself a castle with devoted staff that answers to her beck and call!”, Danny yells.

“This girlfriend isn’t like the others Dan!”, River tries to explain, “she has a kid-“

“She brought a kid into this mess! What is she crazy?!”, Danny continues.

“Oh yeah she crazy!”, Mackenzie chimes in with a finger snap.

“That tramp got it coming!”, Cassandra adds.

River and Danny freeze and look at the girls.

“So you really think home schooling is a good idea?”, River asks as he takes another bite of chicken.

Danny gives River a dirty look and then guides the girls out of the kitchen by their arms. “Let the grown ups talk please!”.

After the girls disappear into their rooms Danny continues, “Your job is to be your boss’ assistant, not his personal chef! You’re supposed to be sending faxes and making schedules-“

“Danny you of all people know that this is my only shot at getting my foot in the door with this marketing firm. It was the only offer I got after sending out hundreds of resumes and doing all those interviews. It was either this or working at Starbucks-“

“But you make such good coffees anyway!”, Danny chimes in.

“And now I make it for my boss… in the hopes of moving up in the company”, River finishes.

Danny shakes her head in disapproval, “so what’s this bimbo like?”

River grows awkward as he thinks of what to say. “Well she’s less of a bimbo than the other girlfriends… I’d even say you would like her”.

Danny snorts, “that’s highly unlikely”.


At Craig’s penthouse Craig is in his pyjamas sitting up in bed while reading the news paper. Hannah enters the room dressed in her pyjamas as well.

“Joey’s finally settled”, she says as she squeezes into bed beside Craig.

“That took a while”, Craig mumbles.

“Well she had a long day with being left waiting at school… and she’s not used to sleeping in a different room”, Hannah shrugs.

Craig raises his eye brows in annoyance.

“But she’ll get used to it”, Hannah forces a smile but Craig doesn’t notice as he continues to read his news paper.

“You don’t like kids very much do you?”, Hannah let’s out.

Craig sighs and puts down his news paper, “what makes you think that?”.

“Well, I just thought you’d want to pick up Joey on your way home from work. You know, see her school… ask her about her day”, Hannah says.

“Well Hannah, until you guys moved in I thought when you said Joey you meant your ‘son’ Joey. Not Josephine. Excuse me for being a little disappointed that I prepared to be throwing ball with a little boy, not playing dress up-“

“Oh come on Craig! We’re here living together like a family… can’t we make this work?”, Hannah begs.

Craig takes a deep breath, “Hannah why was it that we moved in together?”

“Well… it was because it was hard seeing each other when we lived an hour away-“, Hannah starts.

“And you didn’t want to be leaving Joey alone with your mom too often to stay over on weekends. So really I did this to be with you”. Craig strokes Hannah’s face, “I did this to be close to you. And I knew you came as a package deal with Joey. But I’m no father. I’m your boyfriend”, Craig finishes.

He kisses Hannah and turns his back on her to lie down and get comfortable.

Hannah watches him for a while as he lies still. She then slowly gets out of his bed and walks across the hall to a small room with girl’s toys and stuffed animals are scattered all around it.

Lying in a small princess themed bed is Joey sound asleep. Hannah goes to her little girl’s side and sits beside her bed. She strokes Joey’s hair and slowly lowers her head as a tear rolls down her cheek.


Riley stands in the ensuite bathroom of her home in front of the mirror with her shirt raised showing her very slim tummy. Through the ensuite’s open door she spots Andrew enter the bedroom.

“Babe?”, she calls after him. “Yeah!”, he answers.

“Do you think I don’t eat enough?” Riley asks.

“Yes!”, Andrew responds without hesitation.

“What?!”, Riley gasps as she races out of the bathroom. She jumps onto the bed where Andrew sits.

“Yes, I don’t think you eat enough”, Andrew answers again matter of factly.

Riley punches him in the arm and he winces. “It’s probably why you’re grumpy all the time”, he says rubbing his arm.

“Excuse me?”, Riley snaps.

“Look I don’t eat much at home myself. It’s why I go out everyday during my lunch break for a big juicy stake with a side of twice baked potatoes-“

“Ok, shut-up!… Now you made me hungry. I’m glad to hear you’re eating like a king while I’m starving!”, Riley yells as she storms out of their room.

Riley creeps into the dark kitchen and opens the fridge. She removes a container of their left over dinner. She opens it quickly with excitement in her eyes and pulls out a big piece. She moves it slowly to her mouth when there is the sudden sound of a small voice, “mommy… I’m hungry”.

Riley looks down beside her to see Walker looking up at her with wide eyes. “Here you go Bub”, Riley says as she hands him the rib she was about to put in her mouth and closes the container.


It’s early the next morning in Craig’s penthouse and Hannah is racing around a messy living room in one of Craig’s hockey shirts with no pants on. She is moving objects around and looking under the furniture.

She has the phone to her ear as it rings on the other line. Craig answers, “Hi babe!”.

“Craig! I don’t know what to do! I’m freaking out!”, Hannah shrieks.

“Whoa! Calm down! What’s going on?”

“It’s Joey, I’m pretty sure she has the chicken pox! It showed up in the middle of the night and I found some calamine lotion in your medicine cabinet but since using it last night I can’t find it anywhere!”

“Well what do you want me to do?” Craig protests.

“I need your help! I just-“, Hannah begins to cry.

“Are you crying?”, Craig asks in disbelief.

“I’m already late for work and I’ll probably get fired if I don’t go in. And if I don’t get fired I’ll have to deal with those angry moms tomorrow morning-“

“Ok just calm down. Take a deep breath, help is on the way!”

The line is hung up as Hannah yells, “I love you!”.

Hannah puts her phone down and continues to search until there is the sound of the front door opening. “Oh thank God you came!” she yells as she turns around to see River standing before her.

He looks her up and down before turning his head away from her with a red face.

Hannah looks down at her bare legs and pulls the bottom of her shirt down in an attempt to cover her legs…

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