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Urban Turban Head Towels – Absorbent, Lightweight & So Good They’re Life Enhancing

Urban Turban Head Towels – Absorbent, Lightweight & So Good They’re Life Enhancing

My name is Sheree and I am the owner of Urban Turban Head Towels. Urban Turban evolved out of my desire to create an absorbent, lightweight hair towel that would enhance the lives of anyone who used it. 

Years ago, I purchased a cotton terry towel hair turban and used it until it wore out. When I wanted to replace it, I found there was nothing like it on the market anymore. There were plenty of microfiber ones but none that felt just like a towel. Microfiber sticks to my hands, and I really dislike the feel of it. I ordered a bamboo towel online to try out, but it was too small. I knew exactly what I wanted, and it was nowhere to be found. I then came across some homemade towels similar to what I was looking for and realized I could make what I wanted myself! I drew up a size and style that worked for me and got started. This was so fun for me as I have been a home sewer for many years. Soon I was getting requests from my friends and family, as I had been giving them away as gifts. My daughters loved them so much! They didn’t hesitate to dig into my supply anytime they needed a gift for a friend or coworker. 

All towels are handmade by me using materials sourced in Canada. It was very important to me that they be roomy, lightweight, absorbent, and allow for lots of hair. I believe that they are far superior to a huge towel hanging on your head, and they make it much easier to do other things while your hair is wrapped up. Wicking away the moisture, they do most of the work for you! By the time you go to blow dry your hair, it only takes a few minutes. It is just one thing that helps make life much easier. Women love them, and I hope my turbans bring a little happiness to everyone who wears them!

Maturing Mama Brittny had a chance to try my products. Here is what she had to say!

Mom’s, let’s talk about self-care. Do you do it? I know I don’t. I feel like I don’t have time for all the fancy “self-care things” that I see all the fancy women on Instagram doing. I’m lucky if I have time to put on deodorant in the morning! 

One thing I do try to make time for every day is my face skincare routine. It’s super low key and consists of washing my face with water, spraying it with rose water and my homemade hazel toner, and then moisturizing with grapeseed oil. It takes about 40 seconds and is all I really have time for before the kids begin pounding on the door and screaming (because how dare I be out of their sight for more than 3 seconds). 

Something that has always bugged me about my skincare routine is that when I wash my face with water, it gets EVERYWHERE. All the fly-away hairs in my (extremely) messy bun fall forward and get wet as water runs down my arms to my elbows leaving wet sleeves that are very uncomfortable. 

I’ve now discovered Urban Turban and couldn’t be happier! I was sent the softest terry cloth head wrap that keeps my hair away from the water. The adjustable size made it perfect for a nice snug fit that didn’t move. I ended up wearing it for an hour after I finished washing my face because it was so comfortable. I also received one of the most genius products I have ever used in the history of EVER! Urban Turban sent me little terry cloth wrist scrunchie looking items that they call “trickle towels”. They are about 3 inches wide and you wear them on your wrist while you wash your face. They catch all the water that runs down your hands and you don’t have to deal with wet sleeves or water down your arms! GENIUS!! 

The last product that they sent me was a head towel. My hair is very long. It’s about halfway down my back. The first thing I do when I’m done with my shower is dry myself off with my head upside down so my hair doesn’t drip all over my body. I then pull my giant body towel over my head and wrap up my hair. It’s big and it’s bulky. If I leave my giant towel on my head for more than 5 minutes I get a headache, but if I take it off before 5 minutes my hair is still dripping everywhere. 

The first time I tried Urban Turban’s head towel I knew that I would never use a regular towel for my hair again! It’s a lightweight towel that folds around your hair effortlessly! You then secure it in the back by pulling an elastic loop over a button. No more wet dripping hair and no more headaches! It also means that now I can keep my towel on my body and stay warm when I get out of the shower instead of wrapping it around my head.

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