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Honoring My Ancestors Through Self-care – Auset Naturals

Honoring My Ancestors Through Self-care – Auset Naturals

“A Goddess is a woman who embraces who she is and treats herself with great reverence. The name “Auset” is an African Goddess in various West African religious traditions. In these various traditions, Auset represents several entities such as Divine Mother, Divine Teacher and in these various entities, Auset embodies my ancestors and teachers of self-care. 

My first lessons in self-care came from three powerful goddesses in my family. For most of their lives, they lived in poverty. But they gave me lessons that money could not buy and that would serve me well throughout my life. 

My Great-Aunt Lucy Ward was my Divine Healer. She was a firm believer in going to nature first to heal whatever ailed you. We lived in rural Preston, Georgia, which meant that nature was literally our back yard. Every winter, Aunt Lucy would take beef tallow and mix it with herbs and essential oils to make a cold salve to use during the cold and flu season. 

She would share the salve every winter with anyone in our community who came down with a cold. I hated catching a cold, but I loved when she would come over to my Grandmother’s house with her Crisco tin. She used the tin to hold her cold remedy and would rub the salve on my chest and under my nose. It warmed my little chest and smelled like pine.  And after a good lather, I would wake up feeling better. I learned early on that nature can provide what we need.”

– Bridgett from Auset Naturals

What Bridgett shares is more than a brand, she shares her culture and family heritage in Auset Naturals products. Reminding us to respect those that came before us and the lessons they have instilled within our hearts. 

Family traditions in medicine and skin care keeps generations thriving. For my family the use of natural cough remedies has been passed down through generations since our slave ancestry. Honey, lemon and garlic mixed together in a jar. One table spoon before bed to stop coughs. 

It’s more than the combination of ingredients that cured me. It’s the heritage behind it. 

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